Increase Your Brand Awareness with Social Media Contests

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Increase Your Brand Awareness with Social Media Contests

Brand | Jun 25, 2020

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Not satisfied with low engagement on social media? Looking for ways to increase your followers? Think you’ve tried every strategy available under the sun?

Try a social media contest. Or maybe a giveaway.

There’s no better way to increase engagement than waking up people’s competitive spirits.

Social media contests provide real engagement results that offer benefits to businesses.  

ULS social media contest

Stimulate your engagement

Social media contests are a fun way to create noise around your brand and kickstart your engagement. A well-planned competition is sure to generate all the likes and follows you’ve been aiming for your brand.

Increase your following

One of the requirements of joining your contest is to ask users to follow your brand’s account. This action boosts the number of your followers, which translates to an increase of people seeing your content.

Expand your email list

Asking contest participants to enter their name and email positively grows your email list. Remind contestants why they need to add their email addresses. Once they have opted in, you can add their entries to your email list. It’s a fantastic lead generation strategy.

Boost brand awareness

Social media algorithms work in your favor when it senses that users are engaging with your contest. Whether it’s liking, sharing, or commenting on your competition, the more activity there is, the more users will get to see your brand’s post and profile.

Ready to power up your brand awareness and to get your hands dirty and start your own social media contest?

To organize a social media contest, you need an effective strategy that can generate leads and boost engagement.

What’s the purpose of your contest?

Define the intent of starting a contest. Creating one because you’re joining a bandwagon of brands with social media contests is not a good reason. It’s not strong enough to bolster your brand to the top.

Is it for raising brand awareness? Maybe you have a new product or service you want to introduce to the market? Whatever you decide your goal may be, it’s essential to set a target so you can come up with a strong strategy to implement a social media contest.

Get to know your audience

You’ve heard this a million times, but we can’t stress it enough. You need to understand your audience. When you know your demographic, you’ll be able to create a well-targeted contest.

People these days prefer to interact with brands that add value and meaning to their lives. Once you know for sure who your audience is, you’ll be able to come up with an engaging contest.

What kind of contest will you be running?

In line with knowing your target audience, coming up with the right contest and prize is also essential.

To motivate your followers, select prizes that they will love and want to own. It can be a $200 Gift Card, a swag bag of products worth $300, or free tickets to big events. These rewards have a greater impact when it comes to boosting your engagement and social media visibility.

Set your contest rules and hashtags

Have a clear set of rules for participants to see and read. Your rules should be short and straightforward, so those who want to join won’t be discouraged.

Create a unique hashtag for your contest. It should be something that reflects your brand. The hashtag will expand your brand awareness and the reach of your contest’s social media engagement.

Publish your contest in more ways than one

Promote your social media contest organically. Post your contest on all of your social media platforms. Pair your contest hashtags with other brand, content, or trending hashtags for a wider reach and generate more impressions.

Take advantage of this moment to get more followers, improve your engagement, and boost your website traffic. Social media contests create fantastic opportunities to get those likes, shares, and impressions organically.

Looking to boost your brand awareness through social media contests? Drop us a message. We can help.



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