Live Marketing Is Your Secret Weapon For Lead Generation

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Live Marketing Is Your Secret Weapon For Lead Generation

Industry | Dec 20, 2021

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While live marketing usually involves in-person events, technology has afforded more options than ever for businesses and brands to leverage creative live marketing moments from anywhere in the world!

Live marketing thrives as a lead generation tool because it’s essentially capitalizing on groups of people gathering for something that may or may not directly relate to your brand, product, or services. An important component of all live marketing solutions is a thorough understanding of your target audience. Live marketing is all about being not only where “the” people are but where “your” people are. At the same time, sometimes being in the right place at the right time isn’t a result of planning but happens naturally as a result of the natural human impulse to connect. Balance your efforts with our advice below to see what could work best for your brand.

Live Marketing Solutions for Your Brand

No matter the era, generation, culture, or circumstance, humans want to create and take part in memorable experiences. This essentially means the most creative live marketing is actually the most impactful and unforgettable. There are plenty of ways in person and online to provide audiences a momentous, noteworthy live marketing experience. The key is finding the strategy that works best for your brand, industry, and niche.

Product Placement in a Populous Place

Sometimes riding another event’s coattails has its advantages! Having your product or service available in a place people already frequent, such as grocery stores, farmers markets, malls, or a pop up event could get you much-needed visibility without the pressure of handling every logistical element like you would hosting a private event.


Teamwork Makes For Light Work

Better yet, partnering with a complementary business that is hosting an event would both be mutually beneficial and create a high level of brand crossover to boost leads. While yes, the attention of the customer may seem split in a situation like this, partnering in this way will build trust from the other brand’s clientele, as they already trust the brand they originally flocked to see and will see that their brand trusts yours, too.

Create Online Gathering Places

Thanks to the pandemic, gathering in groups has certainly been a much more complex undertaking or in many cases impossible. While virtual events may not seem like live marketing in the traditional sense, offering an online alternative is a clever way to help audiences feel connected without too much hassle. On the bright side, not having to commute and trek into an event helps increase attendance rates, and generating buzz via social media and other outlets to gather in one place helps your leads work their way deeper into the sales funnel.


Consistency is Key

Whatever method you choose, be it in person or online, creating a consistent pattern of showing up can also add leads in an unexpected way. Simply by showing up regularly at a certain place or going live online on a predictable basis can help capture leads that were initially curious about your brand but otherwise distracted or engaged. Availability and convenience are major selling points for various industries and commodities, so ensuring yours are easily discovered by creating a habit is an easy way to pick up leads other businesses leave solely to chance and advertising. While this should certainly be combined with other efforts, such as ads and creating buzz on social media, the real-world has plenty of leads too!

Creative Live Marketing Creates Conversions

Interacting with your audience is the common theme in every idea listed. To be recognized as a person instead of a customer is, ironically, a wonderful way to boost your clientele. Focus on what you have in common with your customer, and you will develop the crucial rapport you need to make sales. While many marketing tactics can be set up and managed without human interaction, there is great power in human outreach. Leverage your live marketing solutions or get inspiration from a FREE consultation with our experts. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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