Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Culture | Nov 21, 2021

Before the internet became such a huge part of our lives, most businesses were marketed through word-of-mouth, business cards, posters, and brochures, as well as billboards.

The Onset of Digital Marketing

However, in recent years, digital marketing has taken center-stage, with social media sites being the most used platforms to market businesses. This phenomenon has been especially prevalent since the COVID-19 pandemic started; to cope with lockdowns, many people spent their time and energy shopping online, buying everything from food, to games, to clothes. Savvy brands made the most of this opportunity and designed social media marketing campaigns created specifically to attract this audience.


How Traditional Marketing is Used in the Digital Age

Despite the digital rush, traditional marketing is far from dead. Advertisements are still used today by many brands as a multi-pronged approach. After all, not everyone accesses the internet.

There are still countless billboards on nearly every road, there are still countless magazines available in stores, and, put simply, newspapers have not yet gone out of style. Below are some of the most-used traditional marketing techniques used in the digital age.

tv ads

TV Ads

Television advertisements are still a popular usage of traditional marketing. Even though COVID-19 has affected the TV industry as well, there are still enough programs available for ads to run in between.


Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertisements are the original gangster of traditional marketing tools. Newspapers have been showing ads as long as they’ve been in existence and will likely continue until newspapers become obsolete. Since they are not, that means there’s still a market for them.


Magazine Ads

Magazine advertisements are especially popular for fashion and beauty related brands, as well as other luxury items such as jewelry, cars, homes, and more. Once you’ve printed an ad in a magazine, it stays there and may provide continued publicity for a good long while, if that magazine continues to be read.


Paper Billboards

Even though there are more digital billboards these days, original-style paper and banner billboards are still a thing! They may even make a bigger comeback in the future, as they are considered more sustainable and even better, less competitive.


Why Traditional Marketing is Still Important

As you can see, it’s safe to say that although it may not be the only game in town anymore, conventional advertising is certainly still being used. It and other forms of non-digital marketing offer many advantages, whether that’s reaching markets that rarely use the internet to being able to see and converse with a client, face-to-face.

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