Nailed It! 4 Brands that Lit Up the Digital Marketing Scene

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Nailed It! 4 Brands that Lit Up the Digital Marketing Scene

Trends | Jan 06, 2020

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It’s a new year and the start of a new decade. Lots of major things happened between 2010 and 2019, in terms of marketing and advertising. From the growing relevance of social media, partnerships between brands and social influencers, to advancing AR or VR technologies, the digital marketing world has been filled with imaginative innovations and connectedness.

But with every end, comes new beginnings. Sometimes these new beginnings leave us looking like a deer caught in headlights. Whether it’s a new Google algorithm, increased PPC prices, or updated SEO strategies, it catches us off guard because we don’t know what to expect. More often than not, these changes throw off our creativity, and work becomes sluggish and stagnant.

Digital marketing is wired to constantly grow and always stay current. You don’t even need to reinvent your strategies; all you need to do is make sure your strategies are fresh and up to date.

To help you get there, we gathered five brands with the most successful digital marketing strategies. 

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Brands that have successful marketing campaigns


We all wear shoes, boots, or sandals every single day. Many of us get our footwear from Zappos, one of the leading shoe eCommerce. As much as we wear our favorite Chelsea boots or flip flops, Zappos provides a 365-day money-back guarantee. To further provide two thumbs up customer service, Zappos offers free shipping for consumers who need to return or exchange products they bought on the site. These policies have solidified Zappos’ appeal to online shoppers, which have helped the company’s organic growth.

American Express

AMEX, one of the big 3 credit card companies, walks the walk and talks the talk. The company champions online conversation, and American Express stands beside it. They created the website Open Forum which is a collaborative space in which established authors are invited as guest speakers who share their expertise. The outcome? The website is rich in content that works great with search engines. The partnerships that American Express created has helped them build their audience and drive their web traffic.


Mint is your financial tracking tool. As an unknown brand in an industry that needs decades of experience to gain trust, Mint established itself by creating high-quality infographics to help online readers navigate the complex world of personal finance. Their digital marketing strategy brought in a large online following. Mint invested time and effort to create content that people can easily understand and share on social media.


Our favorite rideshare app, Lyft, advertises itself as a “socially conscious” brand. They donated $1 million to ACLU during a strike to protest President Trump’s travel ban. Another effective strategy the app implements is offering incentives for riders by sharing referral codes to friends and family in exchange for free rides. One great lesson here is that, even in the digital world, the traditional word of mouth is still a highly effective strategy to utilize.

Do you have a favorite brand that you think is succeeding in their digital marketing strategies? Share blow.

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