4 Essential Marketing Trends for 2020

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4 Essential Marketing Trends for 2020

Sales | Dec 31, 2019

The new year is right around the corner. Soon, we’ll bid farewell to all things 2019 – trending memes, gifs, influencers, or marketing strategies. But with every door that we close, we open new ones. Usher in the new decade with positivity, optimism, and a lot of digital marketing innovations.

Give yourself and your brand the edge over your competitors in 2020 with these essential marketing trends.

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Lifecycle Marketing

This is a simple framework that provides brands ideas and strategies to attract more customers and boost sales. Lifecycle marketing has two kinds of structural phases – 1. Attract, sell, and wow or 2. Reach, act, convert, engage. Simply put, this is a strategic look at how your brand should be communicating to the consumers from pre-transaction to a return consumer. What this strategically entails is that brands should be intentional when developing their marketing plan.

  1. Reach – How are you, as a brand, reaching out to your target audience? Through print media and/or social media? Are you using the right SEO and content marketing strategies?
  2. Act – Do you have a growing social media following? Are you engaging your followers? Are they browsing the products you’re selling on your website? Are customers signing up to receive newsletters?
  3. Sell – Is your target audience clicking that “BUY NOW” CTA? Are they adding products in their carts? Do you have a strong base of return customers?
  4. Engage – Do you send reminder emails or notifications to customers who abandoned their carts? Are you sending a monthly newsletter to your subscribers?

Conversational Marketing

People are tired of automated dialogues and repetitive sales pitches. Conversational marketing is the practice of communicating with potential customers online, either on your website or on social media, in a conversational manner in real-time. To accomplish a successful conversational marketing, context, personal touch, and real-time are essential to your success. When engaging in conversation make sure your brand culture is reflected and that you’re using a common language.

Insights-driven Marketing

The digital era has brought the world of data and analytics, especially when you’re running an online store or social media. This strategy has become a business priority for many brands. Insights-driven marketing improves business operations, customer engagement, and boost sales and profits.

Consumer Privacy

Because of privacy issues people have encountered with Facebook (who also owns Instagram) and Google, this has been an on-going concern for many online consumers and social media users. There are upcoming technologies and privacy solutions to help brands improve their consumers’ privacy.

Need help getting your 2020 marketing strategy planned out? Send us a message, and let’s talk about how you can get that advantage over your competitors.

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