Our Favorite Collaborative Tools for Team Productivity

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Our Favorite Collaborative Tools for Team Productivity

Trends | Jul 11, 2019

Running a business is hard. We get it. It’s like running a marathon, but a lot less cardio (for the most part). Managing tasks and focusing on priorities can be difficult to juggle. Work gets more complicated when collaborating with a global workforce or remote employees is involved.

With constant messaging, email exchange, and file sharing, it’s easy to lose track of the daily or weekly schedule. Older, more important messages get drowned deeper in messaging threads. Or what’s worse, projects or campaigns get lost in translation.

This problem is a product of a lack of communication, which leads to low team morale and a high turnover rate. We don’t want this kind of work environment.

Luckily, there are collaborative tools businesses use to improve team productivity and communication.

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Here are our favorite collaborative apps that have done wonders for us.

Google Docs

We all know Google. Their collaboration tools include Google Docs and Sheets. These allow team members to work on the same files. Also, all changes saved instantly. Team members can create and edit without worry.


They gave us Confluence and Jira, both of which help with team productivity. Jira is its project management component, while Confluence functions as a team’s “playground” where they can talk about work, organize their thoughts, and track a task’s progress.


Remember solitaire on PC? Trello looks like this classic game. Track a campaign’s progress by clicking and dragging task cards. It makes project management feel like a game with positive outcomes.


Like Skype for work, and definitely better. Slack is an instant messaging platform that organizes all files and links for better searchability. Team members can create public or private channels for specific projects. It features app integration (Google Docs, Trello, and BirthdayBot to make things fun).


Need to clarify or define project specifics with the whole team? Video conference it! Zoom helps companies with conference calls, share screens, and communicate with team members.

These are our favorite collaborative tools that have helped our global team interact, communicate, and share files. We work better because we have tools giving us peace of mind that we’ll always be on time and on the same page when it comes to all task updates.

When it comes to providing our services, our clients are always satisfied with our work. We have our entire team to thank for, but the collaborative apps make our lives easier. We now work smarter, not harder.

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What apps or collaborative tools do you use at work?

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