What Makes a Good Logo?

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What Makes a Good Logo?

Brand | Jul 10, 2019

If eyes are windows to the soul, then logos are glass walls to a brand’s identity.

A brand’s logo is a symbol that represents a company’s culture and everything it represents. Needless to say, businesses with a well-designed logo can earn a targeted audience’s trust and are more than likely to do business with them.

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What is a logo?

A logo is a mishmash of text and imagery that delivers a brand’s purpose. Think McDonald’s’ logo with its name under the big yellow arched “M.” It’s iconic and employs basic psychology of color – yellow for hunger and red for passion (insert ULS blog on color theory). The colors chosen for a logo tells a brand story that interest and resonates to consumers. This, in the end, builds a connection between a brand and its consumers.

While a logo is a consumers’ first brand interaction, there should be flexibility and room for change. Even big-name brands like Facebook, Apple, and Starbucks refresh their logos to adapt to the changing times.

Characteristics of a good logo

Simple– The simplest of all logos are typically the ones people recognize and remember.

Memorable– People notice poignant logos and, more often than not, leaves an indelible impression.

Relevant– Logos must reflect and represent a brand’s ethos.

Adaptable– A logo must look good on several formats, print media and on different devices.

New VS a redesigned logo

With these logo characteristics in mind, creating or redesigning a logo undergoes a process of research, iteration, and revision. When designing a brand, spankin’ new logo, learning about a company’s culture and its target audience is a top priority. A designer working on a logo for a new company would have more leeway because the brand is still developing its identity.

Redesigning a logo is a lot like creating a new logo because it follows the same basic principles. But the process goes on a different direction as new questions arise. Redesigning a logo is about giving a new spin to represent a change in a company direction. Designers ask clients these vital questions before redesigning a logo

  • Is the company logo outdated?
  • Has there been a big change or growth in the company?
  • Are there new competitors?
  • Expanding your target audience?
  • Did the company update the mission statement or change values?

The right designer

There are a lot of designers who can create amazing logo designs, but only a few can perfectly sum up what a brand represents in a single image. It takes time, patience, and countless times pressing ctrl+alt+del to craft a perfect logo. Finding the right designer is a task on its own. It’s not how cheap or expensive a designer’s rate is (you do get what you pay for, though), but it’s about the connection a designer creates with a brand.

Whether you’re a small business or an established one, ULS (that’s us) is here for you and can help design a logo that represents who you are.

Have you put together ideas for a logo design? If you need assistance, send us a quick message, and we’ll work on a solution. Together.

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