SEO Trends Still on Fire

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SEO Trends Still on Fire

SEO | Dec 02, 2021

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SEO is still one of the most powerful ways to help your online content rise to the top, so that it’s seen by your target market. When your content is seen, awareness of your brand rises. When awareness of your brand rises, provided you’re selling something people want, your sales tend to rise too.


What is SEO?

SEO––otherwise known as search engine optimization––is a process of optimizing the content you create in a way that directly affects its level of visibility on the web. When used wisely, SEO can help a business garner more attention and increase their website traffic, and even increase sales. Below we’ll explore some of the more popular SEO trends still on fire today. Use them well, grasshoppers!

long words

Long-Form Content

With the advancement of technology, creating content for the internet has become easy and almost ubiquitous. Due to this ease, there is a lot of rubbish content on the web, too.

For successful SEO, always make sure you consider the importance and impact of the content you’re creating and create content that’s useful for the reader.

Long-from content is often more quality-driven anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to review what you’re producing and ensure it’s the best you’ve got. Higher quality means a higher chance of keeping people engaged.

Long-form content also tends to show up with a higher rank when searched using keywords. Just make sure your long-form content always looks visually appealing too, with plenty of paragraphs and subheadings so that it’s skim-friendly and easy to read.

local seo

Mobile Website Optimization

In the era of smartphones, Google introduced mobile-first indexing back in 2019. With this introduction, you began to see websites designed specifically for mobile use, instead of seeing websites only designed to be viewed on desktops.

These mobile website versions have made it easy for people to access their favorite websites easily from their smartphones, without any of the old wonky behavior that sometimes happened when a site was only optimized for a desktop.

That makes this an SEO trend that clearly isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Unless maybe smartphones go the way of dinosaurs. Somehow, we think that’s not likely!


Local SEO / Zero Click Search

Local SEO is used when people use the internet to search for products and services available in their local area. Zero-click search refers to the featured snippet you see when searching something online.

In simple terms, that featured snippet is the suggested or predicted answer showing up in a box at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). When this result is shown, you don’t need to click on the link to visit the actual website to find what you just searched for; ergo the name ‘zero-click search’.


Voice Search

Voice search is another very common SEO trend used these days. With the variety of voice assistants available––hello, Alexa and Siri––voice search has become easier than ever.

According to one research prediction, by 2022, voice assistant search will be used by more than 55% of people in the US. This is bound to have an impact on search engine results. Moral of the story? Be sure to include commonly used keywords in your SEO optimized content for easy matching.


Is SEO Dead?

Clearly not! While some SEO trends might eventually die off or become less effective with time, it’s obvious there are plenty of other SEO trends still doing a spectacular job of helping businesses get their content noticed. With that in mind, isn’t it time you started paying more attention to your own SEO efforts?

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