Best Blog Based Websites in 2021

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Best Blog Based Websites in 2021

Sales | Dec 04, 2021

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These popular social media blogging websites are also a great way to begin developing an audience alongside developing your brand’s blogging voice!

Consider these options your new frontier and see what your blog can build.

It’s no secret that a blog is a great way to supercharge SEO and audience engagement while also exhibiting your industry expertise. With so many blog hosting options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we’re breaking down the best blog based website options of 2021!


Best Blog Based Websites in 2021

When deciding what popular social media blogging website will work best for your brand, take into consideration your technical acumen, your target audience, and your blogging focus, as each blog based website has different benefits and challenges in relation to your goals.

1. Blogger

Considered the point of origin of blogging to some, superseded the new millennium and is still around today. While this is a mainstay staple of personal and hobby bloggers, this Google-owned resource can serve as an easy way to integrate your new blog into your workflow with easy to use interfaces and a straight forward way to get writing quickly.

That being said, customizations are scare and expanding too much farther beyond the basic functionality isn’t an option. However, this is a great option for beginners and those already very much Google-driven.

2. Tumblr

For an intriguing, zeitgeist-centric experience from one of the original popular social media blogging websites, turn to Tumblr for blogging. While this platform was a mainstay of the early internet experience and has waned in popularity as its original fanbase has aged out of the medium, creating a presence on Tumblr still has many advantages.

Tumblr is a great space for shorter form content with a built in, dedicated audience. For an easy startup area and a highly social connection with posts, trust Tumblr.

However, Tumblr has a reputation for a reason. This niche platform can be hard to expand outward, and sometimes hosting is unreliable either for backing up blog presence elsewhere or in the changing guidelines potentially interfering with your posting if the posting isn’t well planned.

Tumblr is a great place to tinker and try things that may just end up making you successful or help you learn what to avoid on bigger blog hosting sites.


3. Medium

To join the ranks of brilliant and emerging minds alike with insightful think pieces, using Medium is a wonderful way to blog your way into the hearts of audiences without competition from ads and cultivate a cult following with consistent posts and engagement.

Monetizing your posts on Medium is simple and easy, as is getting started with writing, but profits only roll in once you’ve developed a significant audience. However, the nature of the kinds of thought leaders and experts writing for Medium lends an air of refinement and quality to your blog posts, even if you’re just starting out.

One drawback to mention is the lack of being able to customize your pages. Medium is a popular social media blogging website to make your mark in your industry and should be treated as its own independent platform instead of an integrated resource for your own website’s audience.

4. Squarespace

For a frontier that can begin as a humble blog and expand into a full-service website, Squarespace is an excellent space to create whatever experience you’ve dreamed up for your customers. Getting started is simple enough, but the build out of options can be daunting if you lack experience in coding languages, design aspects, or are unclear how to execute the visuals you have in mind. However, using Squarespace is a great way to lay a foundation to expand that digital marketing professionals (like us!) can build upon to achieve your plans.

5. Wordpress

Much like Squarespace, Wordpress is the sort of blog hosting site where you can subsequently build an empire. The speed at which you can expand using this platform directly correlates with your web savvy expertise but is also a great place to begin and then let experts take the reins once you’re well acquainted with how this site runs.

There is Fast, Secure Managed WordPress Hosting and Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS - WordPress that each offer different levels of expansion, and determining that difference is key to building your blog in relation to also building a website.

Got Writer’s Block?

Being overwhelmed with options is totally normal. The hardest part about blogging is actually getting started! While there is no right or wrong answer to which platform to choose, choosing your blog based website should be part of your larger digital marketing strategy. If you feel lost, reach out to us write, or right, now for packages and assistance ranging from content to hosting and everything in between!

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