SEO Trends to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2022

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SEO Trends to Increase Traffic to Your Website in 2022

SEO | Oct 01, 2022

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There are so many trends to keep up with in this fast-moving world, and SEO trends are no different. We know it can be a tad frustrating trying to keep up, which is why we’re doing it for you! First, let’s walk through a quick SEO refresher, and then we’ll dive into how to use SEO to increase traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of driving up the organic traffic and natural search results for your website. A website that is SEO-friendly will show higher up in the search engine results and therefore have a higher chance of being clicked on by the user.

How to Use SEO Effectively

SEO isn’t a one-time thing; it’s a process. SEO is an ongoing effort that must be done consistently and regularly for continued success within Google search engine results. To make sure you’re properly optimizing your website for search engine success, make sure to include these elements:

Choose Relevant Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your blog content is essential for a website to be SEO-friendly. Research the traffic potential of the keywords you choose before using them, and focus your content around the ones most likely to draw traffic. It’s also sometimes a good idea to use a mix of both competitive keywords and less competitive ones to maximize success.

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Create SEO-Friendly Website Content

One of the best ways to do this is to identify your target audience and design your content accordingly. For example, if you are targeting a niche in the skincare industry, you might create content with lists and reviews. However, for an article about learning to code, your content might be tips and tutorials. Match your content with the expected search intent of the user so that you align your content with their search engine query. When your content is aligned with search queries, the Google gods tend to smile at you!

SEO Trends to Increase Web Traffic

Once you have a good handle on basic SEO practices, you can start implementing new SEO trends. A few trends to watch and consider are listed below.

Keyword Ranking Vs. Passage Ranking

One trend in the SEO world you will see given more focus is the switch from keyword ranking to passage ranking. Before, when you searched something on Google, it matched your query keywords with potentially relevant content from the web and ranked the content accordingly; this is called keyword ranking.
However, with passage ranking, Google takes a thorough look at any potentially relevant content and fills up your search engine results page with links to passages matching your search engine query. In the future, passage ranking will completely override keyword ranking since it provides more accurate and reliable results.

Video Content

Video content is the format of choice for most content creators and their audiences these days. Google has introduced some new tools including Clip Markup and Seek Markup, which is especially relevant to video content. Clip Markup provides the timestamp of the keyword match in any video, whereas Seek Markup automatically provides additional information along with it, in the form of a video clip, on the search engine result page.

a man sits on a coach in front of a table with a cup of coffe and records a video using a video camera and a tablet

Maintaining Web Vitals

SEO isn’t just about the content you create; it’s also affected by the overall design and maintenance of your website as well. Google’s core web vitals are an excellent tool to see the user experience in the form of:
• Interactivity, which is a way of checking how quickly a webpage becomes interactive.
• Loading, which is the loading speed of the page.
• Visual Sensibility, which shows how stably the page loads.
All of these factors are included in the decision about where your website ranks on a search engine result page.

Why Pay Attention to New SEO Trends?

The short answer is if you want your website to continue to rank well in the SERPs, you simply can’t neglect SEO. Therefore, it pays to follow the trends and become an early adopter whenever you can.

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