Where to Find Digital PR Inspiration - A Day in the Life of Our Marketing Manager

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Where to Find Digital PR Inspiration - A Day in the Life of Our Marketing Manager

Culture | Sep 19, 2022

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PR inspiration can come from anywhere, but don’t just take our word for it! Our Marketing Manager, Maria, shared her experience in finding new, innovative ideas for our PR campaigns!

It All Starts With An Idea

While ideas can feel like elusive, ephemeral entities, simple structures can help guide ideas into full-fledged content creations! According to Maria, every ideation session starts with research. Input can certainly come from new news stories, information, trends, and PR inspiration, but the final choices are rooted and structured around previous results, goals, and other data sets vital to better ROIs and to help meet our internal KPIs.

Creativity Never Sleeps!

While it would be nice if PR inspiration was neat and tidy, fitting within the standard 9-5 schedule, creativity often strikes like lightning, with creative professionals like Maria trying to capture the lightning in a bottle!

However, the best PR campaigns are supported with research within the plan and the creative bringing those bottles of experience to craft the ultimate marketing concoction! Ideation is an artistic science happening behind the scenes until the AHA! appears.

Plus, the more the team digs into the research, the more easily ideas flow! Sometimes when caught up in a creative flow, the best ideas arrive when relaxing on the weekends. Good thing notebooks and smart devices are usually readily available to jot them down and make for an easier Monday morning of ideation!

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Experience + Art = Ideas!

Many of Maria’s digital PR ideas come from her personal experiences in life, such as niche interests that align with brand voice and tone, and some ideas spring from movies, TV shows, hobbies, and just daily routine life. It’s true!

Recent examples of online PR that fit the bill is the idea of basing the Black Hole visual design for Lesson 5-Sales Funnels for the ULS Digital Marketing Bootcamp was inspired by Maria’s favorite movie: Interstellar and her personal hobby of stargazing and astronomy! You could say her ideas are out of this world!

Scheduling Scaffolds Inspiration!

Just like painters need a canvas to house and structure their pieces, marketing experts like Maria rely on planning and scheduling posts to funnel and focus the creative energy needed for quality, consistent digital PR. A great tool in the marketing tool belt is centering posts around fun national and international holidays! There’s a day for everyone and every niche! Maria took PR inspiration from International Dance Day and shared a video featuring one of her favorite dancers to promote the holiday and as one of our great digital PR examples.

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Get Out of Your Head With Psychology

When daily life and planning ideas, an additional element crucial for impactful digital PR is the personal connection we all feel when interacting with the internet. With inspiration coming from every angle, some ideas benefit from an extra layer of logical structure and finesse, based on common psychological associations. Many posts like these relate back to marketing with thought-provoking questions and answers, both that we as marketers can ask the audience for feedback and questions we can answer that our audience may have. It may sound heady or complex, but psychology is the core of the best PR campaigns. The term “psychology” is simply a way to quantify the interpersonal bond that happens when humans interact with stories. It’s what we’re all wired for anyway, so remember to think about solutions, emotions, audience attraction, and more as you think about your own marketing plans and content.

Want Digital PR Assistance From Maria?

Our team of creatives is ready to share our ideas with your growing brand! Trusting ULS with your digital PR means getting expert assistance and ideation. In our approach, we make a point to thoroughly understand your brand so we can make the most of our ideas and give you the most unique and impactful marketing possible! Don’t wait! Contact us today for your FREE consultation so we can see what will be best for your business.

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