Six Creative Hashtag Hacks for Your Small Business
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Six Creative Hashtag Hacks for Your Small Business

Social | Jan 02, 2022

Maintaining a social media profile for your business is hard work, and sometimes it can seem pointless when you aren’t getting the results you want. Thankfully, creative hashtags and hashtag hacks can make the hard work you’re putting into your social media accounts worth it. Here are six tips and tricks for generating creative hashtags and boosting engagement.

1. Create a Unique, Branded Hashtag

You can use creative hashtags for events and other marketing elements as well, but one of the most important hashtags you can create is branded. The best creative hashtags are short and memorable. Though some exceptions exist, typically a safe number of words to combine would be 3-4. Other elements that make great creative hashtags are humor and cleverness. For instance, toilet paper company Charmin created the popular hashtag #TweetFromTheSeat. However, humorous hashtags will not necessarily resonate with all audiences. It’s important to consider your audience and what appeals to them when creating a hashtag.


2. Check for Double-Meanings in Your Hashtags

You need to check your hashtag and make sure there are no opportunities for trolls to capitalize certain elements to create new meaning. For instance, the Twitter hashtag #NowThatThatchersDead became #NowThatChersDead, causing an uproar among the singer’s fans until news confirmed she was alive. Creative hashtags can quickly lose their charm in cases like these, so be careful.

3. Avoid Looking “Spammy” on IG

Using thirty visible hashtags in your caption can seem excessive, thus inviting less engagement. However, using line breaks to push your hashtags low enough in the caption will make them invisible until clicking the “show more” button, making your caption look cleaner. Instagram removes line breaks created in the app’s caption box, so it’s best to copy-and-paste hashtags formatted in a different text editor.

4. Hide Hashtags in IG Stories

You can add up to ten hashtags in IG stories, but you don’t want them to overwhelm viewers. Thankfully, you can shrink hashtags and hide them under GIFs and stickers. That way, you get results without cluttering your stories.


5. Use Popular Hashtags Alongside Your Creative Hashtags

A quick search of popular hashtags relating to your niche can help your content show up in people’s IG feed. Once people stumble upon your content, they can discover your creative hashtags and share them. They might even give you a follow.

6. Save Your Hashtags

When you find and create hashtags that boost engagement, copy-and-paste them into a word document or spreadsheet to save time. That way, you can focus on your content without doing extensive hashtag research for every post. Efficiency is an important element in maintaining a social media profile for your brand.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining social media profiles and keeping up with hashtag trends is hard work. However, with a little caution and a few tips and tricks, you can develop creative hashtags and boost engagement. If you need help with your business’s social media account, contact USA Link System today.

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