Strategies to Understanding Your Audience

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Strategies to Understanding Your Audience

Trends | Aug 20, 2019

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Word to the wise knowing your audience is focal to an effective marketing strategy. Whether you’re asking a public speaker or a marketer, “know your audience” is a valuable, distinctive piece of advice. But its open-ended advice leaves listeners and readers in a state of meaningless limbo.

Marketing campaigns are essential for brands, products, or services to be relevant. Researching demographics, psychology, behaviors, and other preferences will help marketers pinpoint people’s interests.

This makes it easier to create content and messages that consumers are passionate about.

What does this mean for businesses? They get more leads, customers, and referrals. Their conversion rates and social media shares all go up.

Identify social influencers

If you have social media or friends that do, you've more than likely heard about influencers. They are celebrities and journalists, but for the sake of our article, we’ll focus on the growing community of social influencers. They are typically the ones with a lot of following on their social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Find out which influencers your target audience follows and reach out to them. They can have a positive impact on your consumers’ decision-making process.

Monitor consumer engagements

With Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, it’s now easier for brands to oversee their engagement. As a general rule, campaigns are working well when the likes, shares, and comments are up.

This is also a great opportunity to see what consumers value or what appeals to them. Consumers post comments are share stories about their favorite brands. Gather as much information to create a better idea of your consumers.

Conduct surveys

This may sound old school, but conducting surveys is still a useful strategy to understand your audience. There are modern tools you can use to reach out to consumers. Websites like SurveyMonkey is an easy-to-use online platform that helps businesses create, plan, and launch surveys. It’s the same concept as your typical door-knocking survey. 

Ask anything and everything that solidifies your knowledge of your consumers. Make sure the results are quantifiable for more actionable campaigns.

Review mining

Thanks to social media and website’s like Yelp, brands can find user-generated content and feedback to boost competitive advantage. Another benefit of review mining is that you can see how consumers interact with a brand which is very helpful when it comes to generating content. 

Remember that scene in Thor: Ragnarok where the Asgardian god of thunder referred to Hulk as “a friend from work?” This now world-famous line came from an unexpected source, a young fan who was on set at the time of filming. 

The same could be applied to content creation through review mining. The words coming from the consumers’ mouth, for the most part, is sometimes the better option marketers can use.

Next steps

This is a lot of heavy information for many, just because it’s a lot of talk about marketing strategies. We understand that sometimes it’s harder for small businesses to work on their marketing while managing the daily grind.

Market research is more complicated than just pressing a button. It takes time, effort, and ability to read and get the best out of every single data. These are important steps to define your audience, level up content creation, and uncover their strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help you understand who your audience is so you can boost your conversion rates and social media activities. Our fierce team will research, analyze, and create content that will keep consumers wanting more.

Do you know your audience? What strategies worked for your brand?

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