How to Build the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Build the Right Digital Marketing Strategy

Sales | Aug 13, 2019

While still a standard, billboards and newspaper ads are no longer the powerhouses it once was when it comes to brand or product promotion. The digital revolution has opened new ways for businesses to create strategies to reach their consumers.

Digital marketing offers opportunities, especially for small businesses, to compete on a bigger, wider playing field.

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When opportunity presents itself, welcome it with arms wide open. Digital marketing offers a wide range of solutions to achieve your goals. This post is all about helping you build the right digital marketing strategy.

Define goals

What is your business trying to accomplish? Is it to boost your sales or increase your newsletter subscribers? Are you building brand recognition? These are all great questions to ask and a good start to build out and express your goals. Remember, it’s always easier to walk into a store with a grocery list than shopping without a single goal in mind.

Digital sales funnel

Get to know digital sales funnels! This is a good concept to understand. As the name suggests, buyers move through several steps to reach the point of buying.

  • Discovery – Where and how consumers hear your brand and/or products
  • Research – Consumers are looking into your products/services
  • Purchase – Consumers are buying your products/services
  • Loyalty – You have repeat consumers who are loyal to you and your brand

Take advantage of these steps. Consumers on different stages of the funnel have different tendencies. A solid digital marketing strategy strengthens your position at each step of the way.

Buyer personas

The next essential thing to do is to identify your target audience. Creating a specific buyer persona is the next key step. Be as specific as you can be.

  • Lifestyle
  • Demographics
  • Shopping preferences
  • Media usage
  • Influences
  • Life stage

Create guidelines for goals

Once you have identified what you want to accomplish and buyer personas down to a tee, it’s time to develop a clear-cut guideline to reach your company’s goals. Weave everything together! 

  • When writing blogs engage readers with CTAs at the end of posts.
  • Build relationship with influencers by sharing their content on social media.
  • Encourage consumer reviews or request reviews to be shared on Google business to boost SEO scores.

Bring ‘em together

Now you can start developing your digital marketing strategy. Build the pieces together and find loopholes to make sure your strategy will be flawless. There are several tools to help businesses track and assess your progress.

Need help developing your digital marketing strategy? Let’s talks! Find out how we can help.

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