The Future of Digital Marketing Leans into Influencer Marketing

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The Future of Digital Marketing Leans into Influencer Marketing

Industry | Jul 20, 2020

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At the core of every marketing campaign, traditional or digital, is influencing or convincing people to buy a product or service.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a tremendous rise of social media influencers promoting new and established brands on their channels. And they’re very good at what they do: connecting and engaging with their followers.

More and more consumers are turning their heads away from traditional advertising. They are tuning in instead to content creators.

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But consumers aren’t the only ones that have caught the attention of influencers. Marketers have taken note of the power content creators wield, as 93% of marketers implement influencer marketing.

So, what is the future of influencers in digital marketing? They’ll be at the forefront, creating content that will make their followers double-tap, swipe up, leave a comment, or share with their network.

Here’s why digital marketing strategies are leaning towards content creators and influencer marketing.

Influencers are vital to the online market

Many brands like Pepsi and Lincoln have paired up with celebrity influencers to play a significant role in their marketing strategy.

But sometimes even big-time Hollywood celebrities seek content creators for a much-needed social media collaboration. To promote Flower Beauty in 2018, Drew Barrymore partnered with Manny MUA to lead a successful release.

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image via Flower Beauty Instagram

Focus on micro-influencers

Size does matter, and many brands slowly realize that an influencer campaign’s success doesn’t just rely on the number of followers. Data have shown that less is more.

Many influencers pad their number by buying fake followers. It looks great on the outside, but data suggests that these influencers have low engagement rates. Micro-influencers, who have followers between 10-50,000, tend to have a higher engagement rate and better connection with their followers.

These rising stars’ rates are moderately priced compared to macro- and celebrity influencers, making them the future of influencer marketing.

High-quality content with the quantity you need

Companies and marketers need to produce high-quality, authentic content and in line with the brand aesthetic. And when paired with the right influencer, authenticity and aesthetics come out organically.

When partnering with content creators, search for influencers who are passionate about your brand and engaging their followers. You’ll get the high-quality content you’re looking for at the quantity you need for optimum exposure.

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Influencers are search engine magnets

Search engine optimization or SEO. We hear this quite too often in the world of digital advertising when searching for ways to increase one’s online presence.

User-generated content is a hot topic that social media platforms and search engines are taking notice. And it shows, as 25% of search results are from user-generated content. UGCs not only promotes authenticity, but it also fosters a one-to-one connection between brand and consumer.

Content creators can influence your marketing efforts to boost your search engine ranking.

What’s the future of influencer marketing?

Content creators and influencer marketing will be front and center of digital marketing strategies. We’ll see more brands adapt to this growing trend that’s here to stay for quite some time.

Don’t get left behind! It’s time for you to rise above your competition and be at the forefront of your industry.

Send us a message today! Take advantage of our 1-hour FREE consultation to find out how to enhance your influencer marketing strategy. Discover more about who we are and the campaigns we’ve worked on.

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