Beauty Influencers and Their Need for Digital Marketing

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Beauty Influencers and Their Need for Digital Marketing

Industry | Jul 27, 2020

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Digital marketing is such a powerful tool when it comes to reaching out to people. Beauty influencers are also prominent figures on many social media platforms.

The power of online marketing and content creators working together is a gorgeous force to reckon with.

When it comes to purchasing, 80% of consumers have sought influencer recommendations by tapping an image or a link. 40% of customers resort to blocking pop-up ads simply because they are tired of being bombarded by irrelevant commercials.

And the shift is shaking up a once-formidable industry. 57% of fashion and beauty brands connect with consumers through influencer marketing.

How are people consuming their influencer content? It's not a shocker that people follow creators on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, or other social media platforms. 64% of consumers prefer video content, while 61% favor looking at images, according to Rakuten Marketing's 2019 Influencer Marketing Global Survey.

In the same report, beauty influencers are followed by 56% of women, while 54% of men are inclined to follow gamers.

If you're a beauty influencer, leveling up your digital marketing skills improves your chances of boosting your online and social media presence.

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Here's how to blend data-driven marketing into your repertoire.

Start your community

What started as a beauty blog in 2010 called Into the Gloss, Emily Weiss built a beauty empire, Glossier, that’s valued at $1.2B.

Rather than starting a company, Weiss went on a beauty journey of discovering skincare products and treatments in which people related to on her blog. Her passion and persistence paved the way for where Glossier stands in the beauty industry.

Starting a blog is a fantastic way to generate lead and engage people to create your beauty community. Blogs can be all things beauty and cosmetic related. From how-to guides, comparing makeup palettes, to sharing your favorite brands, the blogging world is your oyster.

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Be present on social media

On a similar note, social media plays an essential role when it comes to building a network of cosmetic aficionados. You have to think of your online presence.

Laura Lee started her makeup vlogs in 2013. Now, her YouTube channel has 4.51M subscribers. But she didn't stop there. Laura Lee continues to engage her followers on Instagram where she has 1.9M followers.

With engaging posts, images, and videos, aspiring beauty influencers can tap into social media's powerful reach. The people's ability to like, react, and share a post is a great way to stay connected with friends, fans, and family.

Use humor

Being funny and showing some character is all part of why many beauty influencers are loved by consumers. They see content creators as friends or regular people and not as a brand that's out to get their hard-earned money.

Humor that's relevant to the brand and its philosophy works its wonders. Thinking of hosting a giveaway? Take a look at Fenty’s post using a humorous Family Guy meme.

image 2

image via Fenty Instagram

Always be on brand

Make sure you have a unique voice and personality and stay on brand. Using this strategy improves brand recognition and awareness.

Staying consistent is critical, just like Pattern Beauty’s Instagram. Every post sticks to a cohesive aesthetic and color palette, making each individual post work well together when scrolling through its feed. 

Take advantage of user-generated content

Once it's rolling, user-generated content (UGC) is an effortless way for brands to engage their followers and be your brand ambassadors. UGC also provides content you can share on your feed.

With a little push and some inspiration, fans and followers will create content that they will tag your brand or use your hashtags.

Are you a content creator who loves to share videos and images on social media but is not getting the traffic you deserve? Get the help of internet marketing pros to get your channel and posts trending in no time.

Drop us a message and let’s talk about social media, digital marketing, and how we can boost your social media visibility.

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