The Future of Your Marketing is Your Brand’s Story

The Future of Your Marketing is Your Brand’s Story

Brand | Oct 10, 2019

We live in a fast-paced, digitally-driven world of instant gratification that’s turning us into automatons. Being human is becoming an obsolete commodity.

As such, many consumers are breaking free from the shackles of being another statistic. Businesses, big or small, are paying close attention to their consumers’ needs by creating story-driven content that combines facts and emotions to deliver brand messages consistently on multiple platforms.

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This is where brand storytelling enters. Brand storytelling gives consumers a purpose to buy products or services. It is a strategy where brands share their origin stories and their purpose of existence. I mean, we don’t explain to our friends how fun our weekend was by spewing numbers and facts; we tell engaging stories that evoke reactions from our friends.

Sharing your brand’s stories is no longer a privilege, but a necessity if you want to boost your business’ reach, visibility, and profit.

When planning out your brand’s storytelling strategy, ask yourself and your team: how do you want the brand to be remembered and what message you’re trying to send? Remember, your story should create a connection with your consumers. Think of ways to engage and involve them without the fine lines of marketing strategies.

Here are 2 reasons why brand storytelling is the future of marketing:

Be memorable

If you’re a boutique fashion store, remember you are not alone. There are hundreds of boutique shops out there that create content and produce quality merchandise, like your brand. It’s your task to make your brand stand out.

Having a prime location, accommodating staff, and two thumbs up products or services alone are not enough to sell your brand. You need to show how and why you’re different from your competitors. Sandwich all the facts and statistics into a thoughtful, memorable storytelling-based ad campaign that shows your brand’s culture and value.

Storytelling is a more effective way of reaching out to your audience.

Build a community

Develop a message that revolves around what your consumers need from your brand. Don’t look at them as just another statistic. Think of your audience as part of a community you’re building.

To start this, brands need to think beyond products or services and buyers. A story needs to unfold. Think about how people will react or feel once they purchase and unbox, let’s say a new smartphone. Are they getting something out of this experience? Is it further adding value to their lives?

Storytelling creates a deeper connection between consumers and brands. It starts an engagement that turns brands into an experience that consumers want to interact with. Your brand starts to build trust that consequently will lead to more followers.

People see and feel brands that are authentically doing their best to connect with their audience to be the brand that creates a strong community that supports each other.

What’s your brand’s story?

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