The Upside of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

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The Upside of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media

Social | Mar 02, 2020

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We live in a time of instant gratification where almost everything is just a click or tap away. Many of our decisions are aided by the influence of convenience and satisfying our immediate needs. This is the point where technology and the booming online culture meet connect. Social media is now a focal part of our daily lives.

Many of us are hooked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok that it almost feels weird when we meet someone who isn’t on at least one social media platform. Today, social media is an important aspect for many businesses (big or small), entrepreneurs, organizations, and influencers.

Many companies use Artificial Intelligence to help with data analysis, and it seems that social media is not an exception to the rule.

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Great news for businesses on social media is there is now an abundance of tools to help them reach the right audience on social media platforms. AI is paving the way for users to have a better social media experience.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Chatbots have helped digital marketers gain thorough analysis through a more accurate that minimizes any unwarranted assumptions which translate to effective and engaging business strategies.

Optimized content for social sites

Content plays an important role in growing sales and brand awareness. This includes content like interviews, headlines, and webinars. AI-based systems are optimizing content for marketers. What this means is that AI can understand consumer interests, a brand’s audience, and a marketer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Improve influencer strategies

Influencer marketing strategies help grow a brand’s reach organically. Its popularity is growing exponentially that we see many of our favorite brands are partnering with influencers who promote their products. Many digital marketers trust AI to find and select the perfect influencers fit to promote their products to their followers.

Satisfactory Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is always a top priority for companies or organizations. To provide customer satisfaction, organizations strive to improve their customer service. AI’s development in the world of marketing has now brought high-grade services to their customers.

Improvement in the social listening process

Social listening is the practice of tracing conversations based on key words, brands, or phrases. The gathered data is used to develop articles that target specific consumers or discover opportunities on social media. Social listening enables marketers to create a more tailored campaign that would attract a more specific audience.

Brands that use AI to boost their marketing

  • Netflix – The godfather of online streaming uses AI to provide its users with a tailored selection of movies to watch.
  • Facebook – The social media giant uses AI to prevent fake news from becoming a viral trend.
  • Spotify – The leading app for all things music and podcast uses AI to provide recommendations based on users’ past experiences.
  • Levi’s – The number 1 Demin company in the world uses AI on its app to help users find the perfect pair of jeans.

Whether we like it or not, AI’s presence is felt in many different ways around the world. From our smartphones to Alexa or Siri our interaction with AI technology is undeniable. Brands that use AI gains a competitive advantage over other businesses without this technology. The use of AI in social media boosts a brand’s revenue and online presence.

What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence?



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