Why We Need to Understand Digital Marketing Analytics

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Why We Need to Understand Digital Marketing Analytics

Trends | Mar 05, 2020

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We live in a time where information is abundant. It’s so much easier to gather data than ever before.

As businesses or marketers, we are driven by the constant need to get better results. With the rise of the Internet and social media, digital marketing tools to help brands improve their businesses are sprouting. These tools are designed to understand what consumers need and their perception of certain products.

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Collecting data from social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns is a great way to gain a better look at your audience.

Improved campaigns

The data collected from your digital marketing campaigns – email marketing, PPC, banner ads, etc. – help your business to further learn and understand how you can improve your marketing strategies. Data will show a campaign’s high and low points when it comes to customer interaction. After further data analysis, you can use your findings to polish and improve your campaigns. You’ll be able to better target your campaigns and get better social media engagement.

Understand consumers

Data is vital to understanding how your consumers think. For the most part, you’ll be able to gather your consumers’ age, location, occupation, and other crucial information. With your gathered data, you can create buyer personas to tailor your campaigns to their needs. Understanding your demographic will be a decisive move that will boost your engagement.


Collected data can also be used to predict your audience’s spending tendencies. It gives brands the ability to make educated decisions on what to sell and when to act on campaigns. Brands will be able to predict what will be the most in-demand product. With trends emerging left and right on social media, marketers can predict which ones will be viral by looking at what their consumers are talking about.

We’ve provided you a glimpse as to why brands should invest in data analytics, but there are still so many other reasons out there. With the growing power of digital and people hooked on social media, it’s getting clearer that marketers need to be front and center when it comes to utilizing data when strategizing campaigns.

Online tools for small businesses

Looking for ways to improve your data collection for your small business? We’ve gathered some of our favorite digital marketing tools that we know will help you grow your business.

  1. HubSpot – This is your all-in-one digital marketing tool. It provides lead capture forms and analytics reports. HubSpot starts FREE but can charge up to $3000 depending on your needs.
  2. Survey Anyplace – Need to create online surveys? Survey Anyplace is an amazing tool when you need to create interactive questionnaires and surveys. They provide tiered pricing that starts FREE and can go as high as $40+ per month.
  3. Trello – This is one of the leading online brainstorming tools that let people share ideas. It can double up as your content planner too. What’s best about Trello is that it’s very affordable. Start FREE and can reach up to $40 per month.
  4. MailChimp – One of the pioneers of email marketing, MailChimp provides all the essential tools you need. From website traffic tracking to email template and drip campaign designs. Pricing ranges from FREE to $199.
  5. Canva – Create your company logo, charts, presentations, and even your company website. If you’re a small business who can’t afford a graphic designer, this is the best tool for you. Canva plans start FREE or $12.95 per month.

What’s your favorite digital marketing analytics tool?

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