Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing During a Pandemic

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Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing During a Pandemic

Sales | Jul 06, 2020

With COVID-19 still in full swing, email is turning out to be the leading way businesses reach out to their customers and subscribers.

We've all received messages from brands we're subscribed to and have read the information about changing customer experience, policy updates, and safety tips.

People are social distancing and staying at home, which means they are more prone to be browsing online on their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices.

Many Americans check their personal emails at least 10x a day, according to Campaign Monitor.

People unsubscribe from their favorite brand's email list when they are bombarded by several irrelevant emails.

Send an email on any COVID-19-related news about your business for your consumers' safety and peace of mind. Here's what you need to know.

man in red hoodie wearing mask

Keep your content authentic.

Don't send out a COVID-19 email because you feel guilty that everyone's doing it. Write an email only if you really have a significant and meaningful message.

If you have a storefront, let your consumers know how you're keeping everyone's safety in mind when shopping. If you have a website, informs your subscribers about their online options.

Create easy-to-read emails.

Many of the COVID-19 emails we've seen are like college essays. It mostly consists of big chunks of text that's hard to read.

Write your email in a way reader can skim through it and understand your key points. You can separate your email by having titles for each section and using bullet points.

Keep it short and meaningful.

Avoid sending out a COVID-19 email that uses words irrelevant to your readers. Don't overwhelm your readers with big, technical terms.

Keep your message short and straightforward. Explain the concern at hand, how you're addressing it, and you have your consumers' health and safety in mind at all times.

Add a visible note to your newsletter.

Maybe you don't need to send out a COVID-19 email, and that's okay. You're being genuine to yourself and to your subscribers.

But in case, you're sending out your regularly scheduled newsletter, you might want to add a short note above your email's header, like this one from General Assembly.

General Assembly COVID header on email template

Image via General Assembly

Be different. 

Stand out from your competition. Show your readers why you're on a different by conveying your message using your brand voice. Is your voice bubbly, snarky, dry, or professional? Make sure the voice you choose is a voice your consumers want to see and read.

Quality over quantity. 

Instead of sending daily emails to your subscribers, how about sending them one high-quality email every week or month? Daily emails become irrelevant to many consumers, and they end up unsubscribing from your list.

Come up with a plan to create fewer but more impactful emails your consumers will open and read.

man wearing a hat and mask

Know your audience (or audiences).

Your subscribers come from different backgrounds and various demographics. Learn how to segment and personalize your emails per group. Personalization doesn't stop at using your consumers' first names. In fact, that's only where you begin.

Let your content be influenced by the data you've gathered – background, preferences, and purchase history. Create a message that's relevant to each segment of your subscribers.

Living through these difficult times is hard enough for all of us, but knowing how to communicate plays an essential role for brands to stay relevant to consumers. But in an inbox oversaturated with messages, brands with well-written emails will engage its target audience and increase their click-through rates.

Need advice on creating engaging and well-targeted emails? Message us today, and let's chit chat a bit on how you can improve your email marketing strategies.

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