Top Insights and Trends in the World of Digital Marketing for 2019

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Top Insights and Trends in the World of Digital Marketing for 2019

Trends | Oct 04, 2018

Change is inevitable and important. Businesses who can adapt to these changes have a higher chance for growth and longevity.

In the digital world, these changes happen all too fast. What we’ve learned over time is how people can consistently and continually adapt to these changes.

For many businesses, this change is finding ways to improve their digital know-how, and this is a high priority for 2019! It has been predicted that in 2 years’ time, businesses will be relying on digital channels for their income.

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According to Dion Hinchcliffe’s article on ZDNet, All the latest trends in the digital world will benefit businesses, in general. So in hopes of helping smaller and newer businesses not to repeat the same mistakes over and over, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the most important trends for 2019.

The CEO leads the way.

Gone are the days when the CIO is the driving force of a company’s digital transformation. CEOs have a wider influence when it comes down to the most important decisions for a company. As Hinchcliffe points out in the article, “the CIO and CDO have purviews much more centered around technology itself than around changing the people, culture, and business model.” CEOs have a commanding authority that positions themselves to summon the board and the entire company.

Develop a culture that promotes education and skills training.

The technology behind any success of a company will always be great, but you also need the people to implement the new changes. Cultivate a work environment where employees have an opportunity to learn the right skills when it comes to all things digital. Because no matter how advanced or great a business’ road to digital transformation is, workers with no up-to-date digital skills will have a hard time implementing these changes.

Improve all leadership communications.

A business with a traditional top-down structure, according to Hinchcliffe, “has been identified as a stubborn gap in ensuring that workers are aware, coordinated, and able to actively support digital change efforts.” The digital world takes on a more democratic approach where everyone’s input is valued and represented. Mix up some bottom-up communication with your staff and always keep an open door when it comes to communication.

Adoption of innovative technology.

Stay abreast with the upcoming innovations next year. We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain over the years. Learn these technologies, as they just might be the next best thing for your business. Let 2019 be a fearless year as you dive into new systems built to improve the way you do business.

Businesses place more emphasis on analytics.

We are getting closer at collecting and providing useful data to help entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently. And many business owners are banking on it. In a May 2018 article by Daniel Newman published on Forbes indicates that 60% of CIOs are growing their budgets for analytics.

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