Voice Search Is Changing the Way Brands Use SEO

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Voice Search Is Changing the Way Brands Use SEO

SEO | Dec 22, 2020

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According to Google, 27% of global users are using voice search on their mobile phones.

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While that may seem like an insignificant number at first, the implementation of this tool is only becoming more prominent as users begin to ditch the ubiquitous keyboard.

But what is voice search, and how is changing the way search engine optimization (SEO) works to promote businesses’ websites? We’re here to lay it out for you!

Voice Search: what is it exactly?

In simple terms, voice search is a tool that allows users to speak into their device rather than type to spawn results from a search query. 

Although speech-to-text software has been around for a while, voice search has only gained more momentum in the last few years as more users begin to implement it within their daily lives.

Foreseeing how impactful it is, companies have already hopped on the trend. Some popular examples include Amazon with its Alexa technology; Google’s A.I. software, Assistant; and Apple’s innovative virtual companion, Siri. 

Image of Google Home device

All of these corporations have revolutionized the way users search for things online. In fact, nearly 40 million Americans currently own a smart speaker, and millions of people use Assistant and Siri on their mobile devices regularly.

Brands can directly benefit from this tool too, as e-commerce and voice search work hand-in-hand to provide users with the most accurate results in regards to shopping inquiries. 40% of smart speaker users shop on their device at least once a month, and businesses are beginning to take note of this.

How voice search is impacting SEO 

SEO is a powerful tool that many brands utilize to direct more traffic to their websites. Companies like Google use it to provide users with accurate results depending on their inquiries.

Now, voice search has changed the way SEO optimization functions on websites. It improves user experience (something that’s very important with SEO). That’s why in 2020, 30% of all browsing sessions included voice search.

Image of data on mobile tablet

In order to rank high on search engine result pages, brands must now understand the difference between desktop SEO and voice search SEO.

Here are three tips to help you get started:

Implement long-tailed keywords

Depending on a user’s device, the way they look up something on a browser might differ.

When using a desktop, users typically write in short-form sentences that include specific keywords. For example, if a potential customer was looking for marketing agencies, they might type: “best marketing agencies.”

However, if they were to ask using voice search, they could possibly say, “What are the best marketing agencies in Los Angeles?”

To avoid your website from losing its rank, make sure your content contains organic-sounding long-tail keywords rather than brief modish ones you would include for desktop SEO optimization.

Include a brief summary on your website

After users input vocal queries, Google displays a block of text called a “snippet” on the top of the results page that summarizes a website’s content. This is usually the first thing that appears.

Image of Google browser on tablet

To take advantage of this, incorporate a summary fewer than 30 words above the fold on your website. This drives more traffic to your page as most users click on the first result they see.

Prioritize your website server’s response time

A quick-loading website should be prioritized at all times, and Google attests to this. In fact, the search engine promotes websites with fast loading times when voice search is used.

Image of loading screen

But being quick isn’t the only thing that improves site optimization. 

Establish that your website is mobile-friendly, doesn’t have any uncompressed files and includes working images as well. All of these steps are essential to making sure your site is voice search optimized.

Is your brand looking to benefit from voice search? We can help you develop a marketing plan that includes SEO optimization to do just that. Contact us now for more information!

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