Google vs. Social Media Ads: What's Best For Your Brand?

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Google vs. Social Media Ads: What's Best For Your Brand?

Brand | Dec 24, 2020

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Advertising’s roots can be traced all the way back to the 15th century with the development of printing.

From then on out, the promotion of products and services became a prominent marketing tool that is now worth over $560 billion U.S. dollars.

Nowadays, the advertising industry has been modernized in order to meet the ever-changing demands that come with our present-day highly technological world such as fast trends and mobile resources.

Many brands have evolved to promote their products and services across a wide variety of online platforms including Google and various social media sites.

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Want to know what works best with your brand as you plan for 2021? We’ve created a guide that explains how these platforms advertise to buyers to help sellers receive more clicks, gain customers and improve sales.

Google Ads: the well-rounded option

Google is the world’s largest search engine with over five billion searches a day. Its advertising capabilities are expansive and advantageous due to its extremely broad reach.

Businesses that utilize Google Ads generally bring more awareness to their brand as a result of the amount of traffic that online searches accumulate.

There are five ways to advertise on Google:

  1. Search Network: This looks for keywords that users enter and sorts through digital ads that include those identical words. They will then be the first thing that pops up on users' results page.

  2. Display Network: Although similar to the search network, this tool features specific ads on other websites that also share similar keywords.

  3. Google Shopping: This mechanism displays your products through e-commerce software when users are looking for a specific product that your business may carry.

  4. Video: With the trend of streaming on the rise, advertisers have found a way to implement video ads on streaming platforms like YouTube to gain more views. According to Forbes, videos are shared 1,200% more than other forms of text.

  5. Google Ads Retargeting: A customer needs to visit a website at least six times before making a purchase. This tool advertises to customers who visit a business’s website but do not purchase anything. When reminded of the products they were viewing, customers are likely to return to purchase them.

Social Media: the targeted demographics option

When choosing what social media sites to advertise on, it’s important to consider what demographic you’re looking to target beforehand. For example, you’ll find 18- to 29 year-olds on Twitter, while 30- to 49 year-olds usually reign over Facebook.

image of computer with ad stats

Since content is also unique to varying social media platforms, it’s a great idea to recognize what platform fits your brand as well. Fashion brands would most likely fare well with Pinterest, while kitchenware brands would thrive on Instagram.

Here are a few examples of how social media platforms advertise:

  1. Facebook: A great option if you’re just beginning to advertise on social media, Facebook’s varying ad content options can help you achieve any campaign goal.

  2. Instagram: The go-to-place for advertisers wanting to reach younger audiences, your brand can gain a good amount of awareness with Instagram’s photo, carousel and stories ads.

  3. Twitter: Twitter uses its own algorithm called Twitter Promote that displays your brand’s tweets and account to the desired target audience, resulting in a bigger following and more recognition.

  4. Pinterest: The idea-saving platform attempts to drive traffic to brands' websites by automatically “pinning” ads to user’s boards, which results in more views.

When choosing between what platform works best for your brand, there are a variety of factors. If you're just beginning to advertise online, Google is a great well-rounded option for beginners. Whereas social media can help already developed businesses grow their reach since it works to target direct audiences.

Interested in promoting your business online? We’re an integrated marketing agency that can create a successful digital promotional campaign for your brand. Let’s talk!

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