We Love these 5 Graphic Design Trends

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We Love these 5 Graphic Design Trends

Trends | Jun 23, 2019

Design is an essential part of a brand. Logos, websites, and business cards are the first things consumers interact with. Graphic design reflects a company’s personality, culture, and overall vibe.

But like fashion, graphic design goes through trends and phases.

While some trends could be amiss, there are designs that elevate brands. Whether it's a startup or an established company, understanding design trends matter when it comes to growing a business. It’s important to know how consumers react to new trends. Here’s a list of our favorite design trends.

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Gradients & Bright Colors

What better way to show brand personality than with bright colors and a touch of gradience. One of the best logos that’s been using this trend is Instagram. The use of bold colors paired with the gradience creates a visually striking logo that instantly draws the eyes in after unlocking your phone.

3D & Bold Fonts

We’ve seen them in movies, and we love ‘em! Three dimensional designs matched with bold fonts make for an amazing blend that can definitely bring life to brands. Bold typography and 3D design create vivid imageries that make consumers look at your brand.

Custom Illustration

Organic and natural elements have become buzz words in the marketing world. The trend of custom illustration comes to mind, which is heavily seen in package design. Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate uses this trend to beautifully complement the origins of each cacao.

Isometric Design

This trend is an isometric image that paints an entire universe in a single canvas. These simple, fresh illustrations give depth to logos of websites compared to flat designs.

Open Composition

Company identity is so much bigger than the box we try to illustrate it in. It's a way to show a segment of an entire picture. Embracing open compositions allows brands to show that they are more than what is plainly visible.

Are you ready to take the great leap forward and reimagine how design can take your brand to the next level? USA Link System is the digital marketing company that can handle all your design needs. Our talent and esthetic range from classic to trending. Whether you need quirky custom illustrations or bold, grand 3D images, we embrace the challenge of providing the best designs your brand needs.

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