Why Mood Boards are Essential

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Why Mood Boards are Essential

Brand | Jun 26, 2019

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In recent blogs, we’ve talked about how design trends and color theory help boost a brand’s visibility and presence.

Today, we’ll connect these topics together and show how the process of developing mood boards can build a brand’s identity.

What is a Mood Board?

Think of a mood board as a collage, but for work. Mood boards are an amazing way of showing design ideas to clients. Simply put, mood boards are collected images, typography, and color scheme aimed at creating a fresh style or theme. It helps designers show clients in detail how different style elements can elevate and evoke a brand's identity. 

Mood boards can either be digital or physical. Digital mood boards tend to be simpler and faster to create, but a physical collection of things - fabrics, paint chips, wood, metal - adds an overall sensory experience that creates an impact on clients. Things like fabrics, paint chips, or other textured objects.

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Why are Mood Boards Important?

Having a hard time convincing clients to rebrand? Sometimes words aren’t enough. Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. Design doesn’t always translate well in words. Show clients through mood boards how different styles and themes can affect their brand’s interaction with consumers. As many designers have seen, mood boards are a delightful way of framing a client’s brand narrative.

How to Create Mood Boards?

Get to Know a Client’s Style

If a client is specific about images, fonts, and colors, then the designers should create a couple of versions based on their needs. But if for some reason the client is unsure of what they want, the designer will have to find out what their client’s personality, identity, or what colors they want to see on their branding. Remember, one of the main goals of a mood board is to evoke a brand’s identity.

Match Brand Identity with Mood Boards

When your client needs a vibrant persona, using fun fonts and vivid colors such as red, orange, or bright green are good starting points. The mood board design team can select images that represent a brand’s identity and company culture.

PRO TIP: Create several mood boards! Let your clients know you mean business when it comes to helping improve their business. Provide options for them to look at and let them decide on the best version.

Crafting Your Mood Board

Now that we know what you or your clients need, it’s time to dive right into the process of creating a mood board.

  • Gather written inspiration. It can be anything that helps shape and define a brand’s value, culture, or taglines.
  • Collect inspiring design and images. Unsplash, Pexels, or even Pinterest are amazing websites to find free images. Getting the right image, design, or color helps you decide what tone or emotions the client would want to be conveyed.
  • If you’re creating a physical mood board, you’ll find all the inspiration you need in magazines, newspapers, or old posters. Clip and snip images that inspire you, then pin them together on a board or styrofoam.

If you’re still looking for ways to build your mood board, here's a how-to video to spark your creativity.

Present Your Mood Boards

Your mood board is ready, it’s time for the final step! Sometimes all it takes is sending the mood boards to your clients, and then they’ll let you know which one best fits their brand. But there are times when design teams have to face their clients to present all the options you’ve created for them. Get organized! After putting all the pieces together, make sure you have all the bases covered on why certain colors, images, and fonts were selected.

When creating a client’s mood board, always remember to put serious thought into it, and to always consider how happy they are with the final decision.

What experiences do you have with mood boards? Do you prefer digital over physical mood boards? Share your comments below.

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