4 Steps to Building Better Personalized Marketing Content

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4 Steps to Building Better Personalized Marketing Content

Trends | Feb 05, 2021

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Personalized marketing, also known as individual or one-to-one marketing, has been a rising trend within the last few years for businesses.

80% of customers say they are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalized experiences.

This type of marketing allows brands to provide personally-tailored content for their customers, boosting consumer loyalty, strengthening retention rate and increasing profits.

With ever-evolving technology in the forefront of most businesses’ marketing strategies, personalized marketing has become a somewhat complex form of attracting returning and new customers.

Personalized marketing goes beyond remembering a client’s name. It now includes ideas like unique web and mobile user experiences for each person.

Rather than brands depending on their customers to follow and engage with that brand’s own content, many businesses are making the switch to depend on the customer to provide them with information on how to best market to them.

Below, we’ve listed out some steps that brands can follow to either start or improve on their personal marketing strategies.

Gather data

One of the first and most important steps to gathering data for personal marketing reasons is to remember to not bombard your customer with inquiries for copious amounts of information. This can come off as invasive and bothersome for some clients.

To combat this, start off slow by asking your customers a few questions sporadically and collect that data in a central profile.

Image of business owner collecting consumer data

It’s also crucial for brands to let their consumers know what the data will be collected for and how it’ll be used to ensure that the info will not be shared with anyone else.

This is also important for creating buyer personas, which leads us to our next step.

Create customer personas

Through customer data collection, businesses can create buyer personas to target their desired audience — which lays out age, gender, income, interests, etc.

Image of customer persona creation

Once a brand understands how to target that specific client, they can create personalized marketing experiences that relate to and connect with that same client. This makes consumers more interested in your brand and encourages them to buy your products and services, boosting overall profits.

Lay out and establish your content

Once a brand has successfully mapped out what their buyer personas are, the content creation now comes into play.

Identifying what content matches best with the type of client you are targeting is what really is the key factor of personalized marketing.

Consider the customer’s interests and draw up a unique content plan that maps out what pieces of information, graphics and other materials they might like to see.

Image of content planning

By doing this process, businesses can track the stages of communication with their clients to see what is or isn’t working, and in turn — how it can be improved to build a better personalized marketing strategy that boosts customer engagement and profits.

Actually get your content out there

Mapping out a personally-tailored content plan requires a good amount of research beforehand. 

Deciding on what forms of content a client should see is factored by the previous data collected and a brand’s buyer persona exploration. 

In terms of what type of content provides the most room for personalization, email content is a great personalized marketing strategy.

Certain online tools, like the ones provided by Shopify, allow business owners to automatically send emails to customers that include information about items left in their cart, suggestions based on their shopping history and offers they think they may enjoy.

Image of business owner planning emails

Some other examples of personalizable content includes social media advertisements, coupons, interactive infographics, microsites and even fun quizzes.

With all these steps combined, a personalized marketing strategy for your brand is guaranteed to be successful.

Looking for extra help to build a personalized marketing strategy? Our experts can develop one for your business. Let’s talk!

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