Invest in Customer Experience to Increase Sales Conversions

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Invest in Customer Experience to Increase Sales Conversions

Trends | Jun 14, 2021

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Online user preferences continue to shift the digital landscape of the internet with an ever-increasing growth of audiences and demographics accessing content and services every day.

In fact, as of October of last year, over 4 billion people in the world use social media every MONTH with an average of 8 social media accounts per person!

With so much content and data heavily saturating the marketplace spanning thousands of websites and apps, how can a company stand out and keep customers coming back? The solution is simple:

customer experience

Customer Experience Drives Sales and Conversions

The most unique benefit businesses offer customers is the experience created around visiting a website, app, or online marketplace. Web-savvy clients have come to expect a unified, clear online brand experience as a matter of both preference for ease of use and security in trusting brands with their business. Creating the digital equivalent of traditional brick-and-mortar stores' ambiance and impression is important for setting the stage for sales conversions.

First Impressions Matter

Introducing visitors to your business is the first step in converting them into clients. From the first few clicks, customers should easily learn what your business has to offer and why they need your product or service. Putting your company’s best foot forward comes from effectively using the information at your disposal. What sort of information would help you create a personal yet professional connection with your clients?

first impression

Understand Your Customer

It is impossible to please everyone, but there are easily plenty of niche markets in dire need of your services. Studying the demographics of your viewership in relation to the group(s) you’re hoping to reach helps you tailor the experience you create for your ever-increasing audience. If you know what your customers want, you can develop more effective strategies to reach them.

Create a Consistent Brand Presence

Once you have a sense of your ideal clientele, presenting products and services in a way that both impacts them and expresses the unique, relatable elements of your company is a great way to deepen the bond between client and service. For example, international beauty brand Lush threads a passion for saving the planet into their web design and minimalistic packaging so the goal of their products is undeniable from all access points. Their activism is echoed on social media like Twitter for a consistent and clear message of this brand’s identity.

A strong social media presence makes it easy for dedicated customers to find and share your pages with others and cohesive content on all of these channels only strengthens the impression.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Once you have a sense of audience, keep them on the edge of their seats by ensuring each customer’s experience is treated with the excitement and delicacy of an in-person transaction. Making people feel like they’ve made the right choice is an important component of commerce that translates both in standard and eCommerce settings and can be showcased through excellent customer service and attention. Even a simple social media shout out can go a long way in showing customer appreciation. Additionally, relating to your audience, like when Adobe posted a video of puppies running during a service outage, can help your customers feel connected and supported.

Encourage Community by Rewarding Referrals and Engagement

Allowing for human elements of business to shine through will encourage users to engage and share their experience with others, which will ultimately grow your audience and keep them coming back for additional one-of-a-kind interaction. Potential ideas would be discounts or other incentives for liking/sharing/referring others to your business or exclusive content for dedicated followers. If a customer likes and trusts a brand, friends and colleagues with similar interests may similarly benefit from that product, brand, or service. Many big brands like The North Face’s VIPeak point program, Nike’s Progress Program for fitness rewards, and Sephora’s Community Program centered around charitable donations are just a few examples. These brands customized their initiatives to motivate clients to return while giving back to the community, which instills customer trust.

user engagement

Don’t Be Afraid of Exploring All Outreach Options

Reaching clients is easily a daunting task when faced with the enormity of the internet, but mapping a journey for your clients is a great way to ensure customer loyalty and retention to help them feel connected and supported in their purchases and patronage of your business. Emerging technologies like chatbots, voice commands, and expansion of brand presence in social media outlets ranging from Facebook to TikTok means a robust plan of experience for customers is vital to ensuring a uniform presence.


Sometimes the easiest way to create a sense of personalized support includes using chatbots. In addition to addressing basic inquiries, chatbots are now able to handle some transactions and tasks that ease the workload on you and your team as you manage the influx of new business. These technologies can even be customized to suit the tone and identity of your brand for a seamless, cohesive experience for customers.

Voice Command

Asking Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana, and other digital assistants questions or to complete basic tasks is a new normal for customers accessing services and content. Knowing what your customer is looking for gives your business much needed leverage to meet needs ahead of the curve. In addition, utilizing this technology to its fullest gives your customers a more accessible and interpersonal experience with your brand.

Social Media Channels

Effective ad campaigns and consumer connection comes from memorable experiences customers can share with friends, colleagues, and family. Having every social avenue covered with on-brand messaging means easier and better exposure to new and repeat markets and demographics. Broader reach will then develop into brand loyalty from clientele all because of the initial experience worth sharing with others.

Virtual Meetings

The pandemic certainly ushered in a new societal norm of meeting virtually, meaning business is no longer anchored to one geographic region or general area. Video conferencing is a way to offer human to human connection without having to worry about location. In addition, virtual meetings can happen seamlessly and include additional multimedia options so your customers can experience multiple components of a business presentation at once and at their convenience. Especially if your business is consultation-based, offering virtual meetings maximizes your availability for clients and the one-on-one attention customers appreciate.

Watch Your Business Grow Along with Your Following

Cultivating your viewership, following, and base of clientele means expanding alongside customers. Once you’ve identified who you’re talking to and what sort of strategy suits your clients best, the growth will speak for itself.

If you’re lost or in need of a map to your marketing journey for customers, let USA Link System help you plot the perfect course for your clients. We offer personal, creative solutions to any marketing need at price points for every business, big or small. Schedule a meeting with us today for your first step to investing in your customers.

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