Why Do Your Brand Videos Get 0 Views on TikTok?

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Why Do Your Brand Videos Get 0 Views on TikTok?

Trends | Aug 20, 2021

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Getting views on TikTok can already feel like an uphill battle against the competition of the sheer volume of creators on the platform and overcoming the algorithm.

However, newbies and veteran TikTokers alike can struggle with 0 views on TikTok. Let’s dive in to the various reasons your video is stuck with no views on TikTok and find a way to get your content seen with ULS.

If your video has 0 views on TikTok, there are actually several reasons this could be happening to your content. Studying your channel analytics alongside checking out the reasons below will show you how to fix 0 views on TikTok.

Questions to Ask That Answer Why You’re Getting 0 Views on TikTok

Ask yourself the following questions after posting videos before deleting content or worrying about a post that has no views on TikTok.

1. Was the Video Content High Quality?

A common mistake creators make when creating content for TikTok is failing to consider that TikTok is not an average social media platform. Yes, there is ample space for engagement with audiences through likes, comments, and shares as well as interactive elements like Duets and Stitches. However, TikTok is NOT built for socializing. It is built for content creation, fostering creativity, and sharing said content. The strategy behind content created for this platform needs to transcend thoughtless trend chasing or slapdash content. TikTok audiences are savvy about what they want to see and invest support and viewership in, especially thanks to the intuitive, AI-driven For You page.

tik tok trends

How to fix it: Invest in Quality Over Quantity Content.

With 0 views on TikTok, it’s important to ensure the impression you’re making on your audience is a clear yet relatable expression of your brand. Investing in a full-blown TikTok strategy that factors in your channel’s analytics is crucial to troubleshooting these problems and course correcting them as you continue to post. Additionally, partnering with other creators and and “influencers” that already have established audiences is a great way to keep your content unique and on-brand without taking up much time.

But what if your content is already excellent?

2. Is Your Content Algorithm-Optimized?

Much like websites need SEO, or search engine optimization, to be deemed important and pertinent for search engines, TikTok’s algorithm is designed to showcase quality, relevant content to its viewers and has built a reputation for an intuitive For You Page that speaks to its user base. It’s so intuitive that creators actually have created content about the spot-on understanding the algorithm can manage to provide for its users. This offers an excellent opportunity for your brand to have a very specific and personalized reach to an audience that perfectly suits your brand and its products and services! That is, so long as you know how to reach them. It can seem unlikely if you see your video has 0 views on TikTok.

How to fix it: Hashtags and Keywords!

It may sound simple, but an easy way for your content to be featured on the For You page is to hashtag #foryoupage, #fyp, and other similar, trending derivatives to boost audience reach. It’s equally important to use hashtags that are directly relevant to your brand and its services and to also include keywords within the content itself and in the caption to help the algorithm find your content particularly relevant to your target audience. If people are searching for your brand, hashtags help them find you and help get you more than 0 views on TikTok.

But what if you’re already awesome at hashtagging?

audience target

3. Do You Have An Audience?

Expecting to have an audience simply because you’ve created content or because you already have an audience on other platforms does not automatically mean there will be carryover. If you do have audience members elsewhere that would enjoy TikTok content, a good way to fix getting 0 views on TikTok would be to cross-promote your post on other platforms. However, an important caveat to TikTok content is originality that works with the platform. While plenty of Instagram posts have TikToks featured, the same does not work in reverse. You may have to think of different tactics to building a flourishing TikTok audience than those that had worked on other platforms.

How to fix it: Use Trending Sounds and Filters.

The primary novelty of TikTok and a major draw for viewers and creators alike are the use of filters and sounds that are trending. Spending any more than 10 minutes on TikTok simply browsing will give any viewer a clear picture of what is trending, as does TikTok’s Discover page. Integrating these elements into your content instantly broadens your audience while also letting you use copyrighted materials you may not own, like a catchy hit song, without violating community guidelines (which, violating community guidelines could be another reason your video has no views on TikTok).

These added elements not only keep your brand on trend but also shows how the brand integrates into a viewer’s life.

Do you already do all of this? What else could it be?

4. How Long Ago Did You Post?

TikTok videos go through an extensive review process that involves both an AI algorithm and real-live humans when determining content is fit to publish. If your account is newer to TikTok, both the AI and the humans aren’t sure what sort of content you post yet, and until there is consistency in your channel, the review process may take longer for some videos than others. Also, if your video has certain keywords that are potentially inflammatory (for several reasons), or if you’ve posted content that goes against the community guidelines before, it may take reviewers longer to give the green light and get your video traffic. None of those issues are automatic dealbreakers, but a little research with your keywords and analytics may show this is the primary cause for your video to have 0 views on TikTok.

How to fix it: Patience is a Virtue.

Just because a video isn’t immediately gaining views doesn’t mean it has failed or should be deleted. In fact, quite the contrary, since TikTok as a platform is being more selective than ever about ensuring unique, quality creator content is posted to the platform, simply waiting anywhere between 6-12 hours can make a world of difference in your viewership. The instantaneous nature of the internet sometimes impacts our sense of realistic expectations, so try to remember when you see your video has no views on TikTok that their team is hard at work to validate your content and share it with the community.

However, if there are elements to your video, such as it has been posted to several accounts, contains copyrighted material that isn’t yours, or contains restricted keywords, consider reviewing or revising your content to speed the review process along prior to posting.

What Else Can I Do?

Crafting quality content sounds fun until you realize how time-consuming it can be just to struggle with the video sitting at 0 views on TikTok! The experts here at ULS are social media mavens who know the struggle and create content that gets views and helps you keep your peace of mind. Reach out to us today to see how we can best assist you!

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