Why You Need Interactive Social Media Posts

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Why You Need Interactive Social Media Posts

Social | Aug 12, 2022

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These days, social media is no longer just about a simple 140-character tweet (especially since the limit has been upped to 280). Social media has evolved and now encompasses additional mediums like images and videos and other types of content that prompt interaction and engagement from your audience.

After all, if your audience isn’t engaging with your content, how can you judge whether or not it’s even having an impact? No one wants to waste time creating ineffective content, so engagement is often a key metric of success.

What are Interactive Social Media Posts?

Interactive social media content is any type of interaction post that requires active participation from your audience. Interactive social media content is not only beneficial for you as the content creator, it also gives your consumers a feeling of being involved with your brand. They feel like a valued and empowered member of your audience in their social media experience.

Interactive posts also help personalize your content, prompting active engagement, instead of passive engagement. Interactive posts can come in many forms, including videos, animated infographics, assessments and quizzes, calculators, surveys and polls, and of course, contests.

Benefits of Interactive Posts

There are a few benefits to using interactive posts, regardless of what platform you use. Interactive Facebook posts can be just as effective as interactive Instagram posts, provided you are targeting your audience well. Below are 3 of the biggest benefits.

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Improved Audience Engagement

One of the biggest benefits of posting interactive content on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram is that it increases audience engagement rates, by a lot. A higher engagement rate means there are more people liking, commenting, and sharing your posts, apart from their direct interaction with your content.

This can help increase brand exposure and grow your social media following. Moreover, it increases the chances of your brand showing up on the different exploration pages which are often a feature of social media platforms. Many times, this increased level of engagement directly translates into more sales. This can be a boon, especially for small businesses.

Access to More Data

The second biggest benefit of interactive social media posts is that it provides you access to more data. Offering people some sort of reward that can be accessed only after they share some bit of information about themselves can be an easy way of obtaining fresh data.

For example, sharing requested information to get the results of a quiz or questionnaire can feel less like exploitation and more like an equally rewarding experience for both parties. This data can then be used by your company to tweak your marketing strategies to boost sales even more, plus help you create personalized and targeted ads for your marketing campaigns.

Better Customer Relations and Loyalty

Finally, interactive posts give your audience a chance to become active participants with your brand, instead of passively scrolling through their social media feed in an endless loop. Giving people something to do or activity to take part in, makes them feel like you care about them and value their opinion, reviews, and feedback.

For example, an interactive post talking about social issues, and asking your audience to give their opinion on that issue, conveys the message that you are just as impacted by them as they are. Alternatively, a post that asks them to share their favorite product or service offered by your brand helps customers feel as though their feedback is important to you and helps them feel heard. All of these interactions help improve customer relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Are You Using Interaction Posts in Your Social Media Marketing?

If you are, comment below. We’d love to hear how this strategy is working for your business!


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