10 Tips to Flip the Switch of Your Brand’s Online Success

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10 Tips to Flip the Switch of Your Brand’s Online Success

Trends | May 06, 2020

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We all understand the importance of branding. It separates your company from your competitors. Branding makes your business recognizable to online prospects. Your branding is your signature, your personal touch that shows your company’s values.

Branding is crucial to your online strategy and success.

Branding boosts engagement with your target market. It also creates better interaction between your brand and your potential customers.

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Branding raises your online presence and increases conversion.

Are you establishing your brand online, but have no idea where to start? We’re providing 10 helpful tips to flip the switch of your brand’s online success.

What’s your mission statement?

Brands need a mission statement. Some call this a brand manifesto. But whatever you decide to call it, your manifesto or mission statement defines your brand’s values and thrusts them into the public’s eye.

When planning your manifesto or statement, ask yourself and your team why the brand is important. What’s your purpose? What’s your brand’s culture and philosophy?

Make it short and concise. Think of Apple’s think different manifesto. Since its release in 1997, the brand has reached new heights and doesn’t seem like they’re stopping anytime soon. Their manifesto has catapulted the brand’s success. They promised innovation, and they delivered.

Your online reputation matters

Reputation is important in the realm of business. Whether it’s offline or online, it’s the foundation of your brand’s success. You wouldn’t buy or seek a service of a business with low or subpar reputation, right?

Potential consumers want to know they’re making the right decision about your brand. Take charge of your online reputation.

Start a blog

A blog is key not only to your online success but to your brand identity as well.

The question is… Are you willing to put in the time and effort to update your blog? It doesn’t have to be daily, three times a week, or twice a month. The quantity is secondary to the quality of articles you produce.

Blogs allow you to connect and reach out to your target market and a venue to impress potential consumers. So, make sure your content is relevant to your brand and your audience. Consider hiring a blogger, if you don’t fancy yourself as a writer or are too busy to constantly update your blog.

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Get social!

Everyone’s on it! Your brand should too! If you’re serious about your online success, social media is the most effective platform to showcase brand identity. Social media are as important as traditional methods such as print, billboard, radio, or TV ads.

Be authentic

Always be true to your brand’s values. Be authentic. Be yourself.

In line with its creative vision, Kate Spade as part of one of their campaigns partnered with Miss Piggy. Yes, Miss Piggy! The ads are playful and classy both of which represent Kate Spade and Miss Piggy. It’s a partnership made in heaven!

Get your visuals on point

Successful online strategies rely on a unified brand image. So, make sure graphics, images, and other visuals are, as they say, on-brand. It’s more than your logo. It’s your swatches, fonts, and kinds of images you create and share.

Constant interaction

The Internet takes no days off. It’s always available and constantly connecting brands to people around the world. Facebook or Instagram pages that are regularly updated with exciting posts receive more likes, reactions, and new followers.

Tiffany & Co. actively posts on their social media and interacts with their followers regularly. They engage their followers not only by offering irresistible sales but integrating user-generated content that focuses on real-life love stories.

No brand is too niche or unique to not be on social media. As long as you’re able to connect with your target audience, there’s a room waiting for you on social media.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not obsolete. You just need to find new ways to improve your click-through and open rates. 54% of marketers rate email as the most effective digital marketing strategy.

Postmates email marketing strategy is spot on. In a growing industry of mobile app delivery services, their vibrant, casual tone is appealing to its hungry recipients. When you subscribe to their email, you’ll receive daily and topical promotions.

Good grammar helps

This sounds like it’s mandatory for online marketing, but it’s important to make to spell check your content all the time. It makes a huge difference, especially when it comes to establishing brand reliability.

TightsPlease, a now-defunct British company that sold tights, have seen their conversation rate increase by 80% when they corrected the typo “Tihgts” to “Tights” on the company landing page.

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Who wouldn’t like a brand who knows good humor? Whether it’s a dose of sarcasm or a pinch of puns, it’s no surprise that it helps brands improve their online presence. Wendy’s has the best social media presence. Their humorous tweets especially the one’s on #NationalRoastDay is a fan favorite.

And Wendy’s packs in a punch full of humor with only 280 characters per post.

Don’t have time to work on any of these because business is just too hectic? Hire a digital marketing company like us. USA Link System is an award-winning agency that can help transition your brand online.

From planning out effective social media strategies to implementing email marketing campaigns and injecting some much-needed humor into your content, we’re the team for you. We’re a group of innovators and creatives that deliver successful online presence.

Hit us up for a free consultation!

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