10 Website Redesign Trends to Know and Use Right Now

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10 Website Redesign Trends to Know and Use Right Now

Trends | Feb 03, 2023

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Website redesign services are a trademark of USA Link System BPO services! Learn the hottest trends our experts have been watching and how we can use them for your custom website redesign.

Illustrations Are In

Whether existing in 2 or 3 dimensions, illustrations never go out of style. Keeping them simple and sleek while still inspiring human warmth is key to using this trend most effectively. Plus, designs like these save you money on stock footage or hiring spokespeople while giving an endearing and sentimental look and feel to your brand.

Our top designers know how to bring illustrations and animations to life to best represent your brand vision while keeping your aesthetic intact.

2. Color Choice Compels Customers

Using color wisely is important to influence customers. Our experts are always keeping an eye on new or trending color schemes, but timeless designs continue to stand the test of time. Instead of trying to luck into classic combos and swapping shades, trust our experts to craft the ultimate palette to maximize viewer intrigue while maintaining a clear aesthetic that audiences of all demographics can appreciate!

3. Accessibility Always Wins

From being mobile-friendly to cater to the ever-increasing uptick of mobile-only internet users to making sure your fonts, graphics, and other content are easily understood by any audience, prioritizing accessibility never goes out of style. In fact, keeping elements of accessibility in mind at all times through the design process gives USA Link System designers an edge because we know SEO is boosted through closed captioning and enriched metadata via alt text and coding tags. Our experts choose certain shades of color that blend better together for maximum readability, and our web build-outs ensure voice search requests find your brand faster.

Since ULS offers a wide range of design and SEO BPO services, you can ensure your accessibility is top-notch with ULS.

4. Create an Adventure With Hidden Features, Prizes, or Easter Eggs

Customers love feeling valued, and the easiest way to create that feeling in an increasingly digital world is through unique webpage journeys. Hiding specific brand motifs, such as a link to a major exclusive discount, secret insights, or brand freebies, keeps audiences engaged, gamifies their experience for more page views, and builds brand trust. Some may remember classic DVD menus of the early 00s hiding extra content on certain pages, or younger generations can look at any Reddit thread regarding any given Taylor Swift album detailing lyrical and music video symbolism pointing towards announcements or fan-only info. Audiences are savvier than ever about the web these days, so make the most of it!

5. Increase Interactivity - Literally!

As cutting-edge tech becomes more prevalent and accessible, using its full capabilities in your designs becomes a necessity, as users begin expecting these advances throughout their normal web experience. Seamless scrolling is a norm, but to piggyback off of hidden elements, make the entire experience more interactive with how you design accessing the next link in your pathway. When thinking of mobile users, what shape is the button they tap? Does it move? Does it change colors as they delve deeper? Think of these variations on your same core theme and watch engagement rates soar. USA Link System can integrate this interactivity into your web designs or even email campaigns to really hook audiences!

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6. Have Fun With Fonts!

Just like your brand logo serves as an important introduction to your brand aesthetic, creative uses of related fonts can really work wonders for a subtle yet impactful website redesign. Making certain relevant words or phrases into a new focal point can entice repeat visitors while engaging new ones, all deepening user connection to your brand!

7. Join the Dark (Mode) Side

Partnering with the accessibility trend above, many users have a choice on their devices to use Light Mode or Dark Mode. Light Mode is usually the default display mode, but now some browsers intuitively make the switch automatically based on detected system settings. Is your webpage ready for these swaps? Are both designs aesthetically pleasing? USA Link System experts take pride in offering website redesign options to suit whatever device or browser your target audiences might choose!

8. Build a Parallax Universe

Use the power of animation and optical illusion to create your own branded world within your website redesign. With an uptick in VR and augmented reality already becoming normalized in the online experience, easily add an element of this without going too far through animating foreground elements to move more quickly than background elements to create the illusion of depth. A layered approach that mirrors the layers within your sales funnel can draw customers ever closer to that epic moment of purchase!

9. Less Is More…

Minimalism seems to always be on top trend lists because it never goes out of style. If your web pages aren’t connecting with the right audiences or if your homepage gets a lot of attention, but scrolling isn’t happening at the rates you’d expect, your designs might be too bulky for page loading times or too complex to clarify the next steps. Whatever the case may be, simplifying can usually work wonders and stand the test of time no matter what is trending! That said…

10. …But Also More Can Be More

Over-saturation can be a polarizing departure from the previous trend, but that can sometimes be exactly what you need! Filling white space with whimsical, interesting yet also informational content is a great way to merge nostalgia of trippy graphic design and a rebellion against a site that’s crisp to the point of boredom. While this trend is a bit riskier than an option, it can be highly effective when used properly. The experts at ULS will make sure your designs strike the perfect balance!

Need Help With Your Web Design? Outsource It to ULS!

Instead of having to keep up with the ever-changing trends in web design or trying to decide what’s best for your brand without the tools to execute, turn to the team at USA Link System! Outsource your custom website redesign and use our website redesign services built just for growing brands like yours. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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