Top 10 US Team Building Retreat Locations

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Top 10 US Team Building Retreat Locations

Culture | Feb 05, 2023

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Finding team-building retreat locations can be tricky, especially if your team is now spread out thanks to post-pandemic life. If you’re looking for lovely places for corporate retreat destinations, we’ve added our favorites into one easy-to-read list for our picks in the US. 

Where and Why Should You Go on a Retreat?

Team-building is important to enterprises of any size for boosting employee morale, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Honoring the value your team brings to the table with even seemingly small gestures can make a big difference. Taking the entire team on a retreat is an excellent way to help everyone feel that sense of value and support together with a shared experience.

1. For Our Home Base - Los Angeles, CA!

Home to the USA Link System stateside headquarters, Los Angeles is a wonderful place to make your team feel like superstars! Being a mecca of global culture, there’s so much to see and do! Enjoy visiting cinematic history with museums and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visit one of the many local beaches, take a yoga class, or hike on gorgeous nature trails, there’s something for everyone!

2. For Some Southern Hospitality - Nashville, TN

To have what locals would call a hoot in your corporate retreat locations, the southeast has plenty of options. Nashville, or Nashvegas as it’s sometimes called, is a wonderful place full of a bustling live music scene, great BBQ eateries, and plenty of southern charm to make anyone feel right at home.


3. Runner-Up: Chattanooga, TN

For the best corporate retreat locations looking for a more Appalachian approach and willing to drive about 3 hours, this gem of a city is also home to canoeing, gem mines, and a beautiful aquarium experience to round out your Tennessean stay (and this is exclusive info coming from a former Nashville, TN local!).

4. For Southern Hospitality Texas-Style - Austin, TX!

Let the music play your team on over to the thriving live music scene in Austin, TX! Home of the South by SouthWest (SXSW) Festival every year, Austin is certainly doing something right to win a spot as one of our top company retreat locations. With a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird” and an eclectic slew of bustling boutiques, shops, and nightlife to visit, don’t count this Texan gem out!

5. For Something a Little More “Weird” - Portland, OR

Austin may have had the saying first, but supporting small businesses by enjoying what will “Keep Portland Weird” along with lush greenery of various gardens all set in the rainy, Pacific Northwest with a walkable charm. What better place to celebrate your small business than in small-business central?

6. For Those Needing a Little Luck - Las Vegas, NV

Want to roll the dice, see a spectacular show, or enjoy the desert sun? Plan to trek out to Las Vegas! It’s a go-to destination for celebrations, so this might be best for cheering on accomplished sales goals or KPIs.

las vegas

7. For a “Big Easy” Getaway - New Orleans, LA

With a city saying “Laissez les bons temps rouler,” the French translation of “Let the good times roll,” how could you not have a good time in New Orleans? Known for Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday parades 40 days before Easter, you can also find tasty beignets, walkable streets, allegedly haunted old homes, and a unique experience you can only find in N’Orlans!

8. For a “Big Apple” a Day - New York, NY

You and your team could be “walking here” among the hustle and bustle of America’s major metropolis. From Times Square to Broadway and perhaps the best pizza and bagels you’ll find, New York would be a great place to feel the inspiration of the American dream and the hard work of 8+ million hustlers all striving to make it in such a sprawling city.

9. For a Capital Time - Washington DC

The capital of the United States boasts beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring and all sorts of major monuments celebrating American history. This city is especially fun to visit for history buffs and passing tourists alike because there are all sorts of museums in the same 10-mile radius. Reconvene at a major landmark to bond over the exciting company retreat locations.

10. For Feeling the Midwest Spirit - St. Louis, MO

For landmarks like the Gateway Arch, an epic zoo, and for a slower pace than some of our other options, try St. Louis! You’ll get the small-town feel with big attractions (literally) to have this make the list!

For the Cost-Effective Option - Try a Staycation!

If costs are keeping you from trying the best corporate retreat locations this year, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! It can be fun to approach a familiar place with a tourist's eyes to both spark new ideas and maybe find new hidden gems that you’ve been missing all this time! This is also an epic choice for helping new transplants who might be on your team to your city feel extra welcome with a locals-only tour!

Need a Vacation? Outsource Your Stress to ULS!

Worried that taking time to team building at the best corporate retreat locations will make you fall behind? Don’t worry! Outsourcing marketing, IT, or other major services to the experts at USA Link System lets you relax and recharge with your team, so you can grow and become even better and stronger! Contact us today for your free consultation to see exactly how we can help!

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