2022 Search Engine Algorithm Updates That Impact Your SEO

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2022 Search Engine Algorithm Updates That Impact Your SEO

SEO | Nov 15, 2022

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Google algorithm changes should be an integral part of any SEO strategy, but sometimes it can be tricky keeping an eye on all of the changes as they happen. Luckily, our experts here at USA Link System stay on top of all Google algorithm updates so you can stay focused on building your brand!

Major Google Algorithm Changes

While one could argue an algorithm is always changing to become more intuitive to searcher needs, like the 4500 changes to the Google search algorithm in 2020, some Google algorithm changes matter more than others. While there aren’t any groundbreaking changes announced on the horizon, recalibrating from the most recent changes is still a valid step to take to straighten out your SEO strategy.

Previous Updates vs. 2022 Updates

Google algorithm changes can also be referred to as Core Updates, which is what the search engine itself chooses to call them due to how they make major or significant changes to how the algorithm operates. These changes range from subtle back-end edits that an average user wouldn’t notice to major overhauls that can alter how well your SEO strategy works. Thankfully, Google does its best to tell the collective internet populace about updates big and small to help you adapt. However, understanding those changes is key to making your strategy more effective for page ranking algorithms.

July 2022 Update - Not Core But Critical

As more of a refresh than a new overhaul, the latest update included enhanced video indexing, reflecting the surge in popularity of video content among audiences of all demographics.

May 2022 Core Update

Sometimes, the Google algorithm changes are so major, it takes 1-2 weeks to fully take place. In fact, there was an update from Google on June 9th to inform users the rollout was completed, so while 1-2 weeks is a good estimate, it may not always be accurate. Thankfully, this gives users time to recalibrate, but planning ahead of rollouts is key to staying ahead of the competition.

This core update refreshed the page ranking algorithm in a way that completely turned the measuring metric style on its head. As the experts at Search Engine Land share, “SEO is a zero-sum game,” meaning that for any page that benefited under one set of rules where others lost out, newly winning features will edge out other pages.

A woman makes a website's search engine optimixation

It can sound dizzying because you’re constantly competing with other brands and pages eyeing your spot in results and angling for your slot. However, with this core update and likely all future updates, one constant remains clear:

Content Quality is Key

Relevant, timely, quality content that is engaging, informative, and essential always wins with a page ranking algorithm. The whole point of a Google algorithm update is to improve user results to maximize importance to searchers. Instead of valuing and rewarding brands, businesses, and pages that decide to stuff every piece of content with keywords to the point of nonsensical word salad, the Google search algorithm is learning, with each update, to give humans results they actually care about instead. In the long run, it’s better for everyone because users get to find brands like yours that can actually meet their needs and solve their problems instead of sites willing to scam SEO with relevance markers without providing any real value.

This crawling, indexing, and searching, for both the Core Update and the current video content update, apply to user-generated content and social media content as well! It’s crucial that your social media strategy is equipped to turn content both generated in-house and by happy customers into SEO scoring machines by doing the right legwork research on hashtags, keywords, and other SEO boosters that will feel organic and natural to audiences.

Take this opportunity, and any chance going forward, to create content everywhere from coding text to blog posts and everything in between to imbue quality and care that will directly translate to audiences for surefire, SEO-solid results.

What Else Can Brands Do?

Save yourself SEO stress and turn to the experts at USA Link System! Our team monitors Google algorithm changes so you don’t have to and responds quickly and efficiently to updates to ensure your page keeps ranking ahead of the rest! Contact us today for your FREE consultation to see how we can help your growing brand!

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