3 Kinds of Branding and its Marketing Strategies

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3 Kinds of Branding and its Marketing Strategies

Brand | Sep 28, 2020

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We’ve heard or read the saying, “You’re so on brand!” but what does that even mean? It just simply means that a person is fitting the image or identity they are identified with.

But what is branding, and why do you or your business need one?

Branding creates an indelible mark on people. From the first impression of your business, consumers develop a sort of expectation from you.

Branding development

So, to help you have a better understanding of the importance of maintaining a brand.

What is branding?

This is an advertising strategy that distinguishes companies and even personalities from their competitors. A logo, mission statement, design, and content consistent across the board deliver a strong online and offline presence.

Your brand represents who you as a company. Effective strategies help grow your business and reach out to a broader audience.

Here are the most important kinds of branding.


Coca-Cola is a globally recognized brand from its logo to the bottles’ unique contour. Coca-Cola Global is the parent company that has its own corporate brand and reputation.

Original bottle of Coke with a red and white background

A parent company is distinguished from its other products or services. Coca-Cola has other products or brands such as Powerade, Simply Orange, Sprite, and Minute Maid. Each of these brands has its own corresponding product branding.

This strategy allows new or other lesser-known products to be accepted by the public because it’s connected to the corporate brand.


On the other hand, entrepreneurs, individual contractors, consultants, and influencers need personal branding. This is essential for individuals dealing with clients, followers, or the business world in general.

It’s how consumers see and associate you with.


Products, as we’ve briefly touched on in corporate branding, distinguishing itself as a standalone brand. This is helpful when looking at a corporation like the Ferrero Group that owns Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.

Plate of rolled up strawberry nutella crepe on a chopping board

While owned by the same company, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella are brands with entirely different identities and products with their own demographic.

What do they have in common?

However different these may look, these three have a common denominator.

On point branding using shades of white and pink flowers notebooks with splash of gold


We’ve mentioned this earlier, but we’ll repeat it because this is really important. Branding needs to be consistent. From messaging, typeface, logo, business cards, social media, and down to your website, it has to have unity and continuity.


Everything takes time and effort. You don’t develop a plan overnight on how you want your brand to be remembered. Designing a business card consistent with your social media or ad campaigns takes a team effort, especially if you want these products to represent your company.

Need Help?

Whether you’re a fitness influencer, a chocolatier, or an architectural firm, you need to exert effort when launching a branding campaign.

A successful strategy lives up to the image and reputation they have established. Understanding these lets you strategize how your consumers notice and recognize your business or product.

We’re a team of experienced digital marketers that have helped hundreds of businesses find their voice, niche, and grow their business by developing a clear branding strategy.

Ready to take a step forward? Let’s talk and have a conversation on improving your business.

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