Why Your Brand Needs Hashtags on Social Media

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Why Your Brand Needs Hashtags on Social Media

SEO | Sep 22, 2020

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Suppose you’re living under a rock like Patrick Star. In that case, you’re probably just hearing about all the rave reviews for branded hashtags or hashtags in general. Like SpongeBob SquarePants is to Patrick, we’ll walk you through why your business needs to start using hashtags on your social media posts.

Social media is an amazing way to promote your business, especially if you’re selling mouthwatering food like Mr. Krabs. But like the Krusty Krab owner, many companies penny-pinch their budget. What gets put to the side, or forgotten in some cases, is social media marketing.

While it still needs a well-developed plan to be effective, social media marketing can be enjoyable and affordable, thanks to hashtags.

Since the dawn of social networking sites, many digital marketing pros have incorporated hashtags into their campaigns.

Mural of #JustDidIt with black background

What’s a hashtag?

It’s the #, also known as the pound sign, number sign, or hash. In social media, mainly Instagram and Twitter, a hashtag is the combination of the sign followed by a word or group of words. Its primary purpose is to tag your post, so people can find it when exploring the big, big world of social networking sites.

Examples: #ThrowBackThursday, #WisdomWednesday, or, for us, #USALinkSystem.

It’s a really engaging means to introduce your brand, generate new leads, and grow your network.

Giant hashtag made of cardboard inside a container box

Benefits of using hashtags

Raise brand awareness

Creating your own branded hashtag is a great way to build up your online presence. When sharing a post, add your branded tags with general hashtags on captions to boost your social media visibility.

Promote your campaigns

Have a campaign coming up soon? Don’t forget to create a hashtag for it! It can be as simple as your campaign’s slogan.

Ads celebrating Pride Month with #Pride

Whether you’re releasing a new product or hosting an Instagram contest, your unique campaign tag is a great method to promote it.

It engages users by finding, sharing, and resharing your campaign.

You’ll also have a much easier time monitoring participants in your campaign or contest.

Conversation starter

You can use more than one tag on your post. The use of hashtags varies from one platform to another. Many brands on Instagram use up to 9 tags, but the maximum allowed is 30.

A drink with reusable or biodegradable straw with #IAmNotPlastic

Each relevant tag used in your post will generate likes and comments from several users. For example, when we more than 9 hashtags, which started our conversation with another Instagram user.

Know what’s trending

Want to know what your followers or competitors are busy looking at right now? Simply explore social media and follow trending tags.

Local restaurant displaying #BeCurious on their window

Be on the lookout for trending hashtags, so you know how to engage your consumers while staying ahead of the competition.

Go viral

Excited about your new campaign? You think the promotional video is going to be a hit. It definitely will if you have the right hashtags. Using tags for your video can get you a lot of attention. People will easily find it and reshare it to their network.

And this is how you go viral!

#IAmAtNowhere displayed on a matte black wall behind a table with magazines and floral arrangements

It takes time, experimentation, and lots of cups of coffee when trying to figure out how hashtags can support your brand’s growth.

But this is where we come in. We’re your digital marketing experts. We’ll help develop a plan of action that will generate leads and conversions to boost your brand’s online visibility and awareness.

DM us to learn how we can help. #LetsTalk!

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