5 Copywriting No-Nos for Your Business

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5 Copywriting No-Nos for Your Business

Brand | Apr 10, 2022

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Every business uses copy, whether its copywriting on their website, within their marketing collaterals, or on their blogs. However, not every business uses good copy, and that can be readily evident to even a novice reader. That’s why it’s such an important aspect of your business marketing efforts to take seriously. Copywriting ‘secrets’ are everywhere, but there are a few big no-nos that aren’t secret at all. We’ll explore those below.

What is Copywriting and How Does It Help You Grow?

Copywriting is the practice––or art––of drafting and creating written text to provide information and persuade people; mostly for the sake of business and making a sale, but sometimes for other purposes.

Copywriting is often used in business marketing, to boost sales and get more clients. Copywriting is used for sale letters, advertisements, social media posts, blog posts, email newsletters, and more, to reach and attract people and persuade them to choose your products or services.

However, used well, effective copywriting can achieve much more than just sales. Your copy, whether its copy on your website or in an advertisement, is basically a first impression of your company to potential customers and competitors.

A good first impression, made stronger by consistent performance, and backed up by good quality service from your business, can take your company higher than any other in your field; but it all starts with the quality of your copywriting.


Copywriting Don’ts

Though there are many copywriting tips out there that are helpful and effective, we thought we’d outline some of the big don’ts to avoid instead.

Don’t Exaggerate

Really! Though it can be tempting, always avoid any exaggerations in your copy, and definitely don’t do any lying.

All businesses start from the ground up; there’s no shame in admitting that you don’t have thousands of clients yet, or that you haven’t made millions of dollars.

What is a shame is lying about it, or implying it indirectly. Don’t exaggerate what you have and haven’t done. Be truthful and transparent, because authenticity is what truly resonates with people.


Don’t Be Wishy-Washy

Another copywriting secret for success is to be clear and concise in what you say. Do not be vague; do not leave something important unsaid.

You can’t trust people to read between the lines and understand hidden meanings; all the benefits and features of your product or service should be stated clearly and concisely for maximum impact.

Don’t Be a Copycat

Every brand or business is unique and should highlight what is unique about themselves in order to survive and thrive in your market. After all, if your business is the same as every other business, why should a customer choose you to work with?

So, let your unique flag shine and be you. Create your content to be individual and styled exclusively for your business, not copied from someone or somewhere else.


Don’t Cater to Everyone

When copywriting, always keep in mind your target audience. Reality is you can never please everyone, and if you try and cater to everyone, you are bound to fail. Find your niche and right audience for your business or service, and create your content accordingly.


Don’t Be Afraid to Break Some Rules

As with grammar, there are always ‘rules’ in copywriting. But don’t get stuck in them, because in writing, sometimes rules are made to be broken. Copywriting is primarily a creative endeavor.

Yes, it’s designed to persuade and make sales, but it’s also designed to tell a story, and that’s the creative side of it. To be truly creative and innovative, sometimes that requires coloring outside the lines and breaking a rule or two. So be willing to experiment to discover what works best for your brand.

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Should You Hire a Copywriter?

If you already know copywriting is not your forte, then absolutely you should hire people who are skilled at doing it. Great copy will only help your business, so it’s an investment well worth making.

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