4 Brew-tiful Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

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4 Brew-tiful Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

Social | Sep 21, 2020

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Out of the many things people around the world have in common is our love for coffee. That’s why every year, we celebrate International Coffee Day!

We enjoy this unique holiday in more ways than one, but it all begins with a sip of our go-to jitter juice. Many recite their favorite caffeine-related quote, while others try a different blend or a new brew method.

COVID-19 has impacted our economy, including our favorite coffee shops, baristas, roasters, and wholesalers. Their primary income source has been cut short as many have reduced hours, staffing, and doors permanently closing.

But those that are surviving are leading the way for other small businesses to succeed in such a peculiar time in history.

Here are amazing cafés around Los Angeles with fabulous drinks, social media, and innovative strategies to safely sip our daily dose caffeine.


Silver Lake & other locations around LA

One of the leading craft coffee pioneers in LA, the OG spot in Silver Lake opened in 2007. With branches in Pasadena and Venice, Intelligentsia stays local by having their beans roasted in Glassell Park.

What pairs well with a high-quality shot of espresso? An Instagram profile that consistently shows a robust branding. Their social media is a star from the unified color-scheme of the highlight cover to user-generated content, like their signature Black Cat classic espresso.

Intelligenstia Instagram profile

image via Intelligenstia Instagram

While you can walk in and get your latte, Intelligentsia has partnered with Toast, so you can order in advance for pickup.


Little Tokyo & Santa Monica

Quaint triangular corner space with a charming patio in Little Tokyo is a must-see, must-visit spot for all coffee lovers.

Aside from their standard, delightful drinks on the menu, baristas are given the freedom to create new flavors like the Kobe Bryant-inspired Black Mamba latte.

Demitasse also curates tasting classes where participants learn to pair espresso drinks with some of our favorite dishes.

Demitasse product tagging example

image via Cafe Demitasse Instagram

On their Instagram, Café Demitasse engages its followers with constant store updates. It maximizes the product tagging feature for business accounts.

Order your cold brew for pick up at their Ritual site.

Tierra Mia Coffee

Lincoln Heights & other locations around LA

Tierra Mia started in East LA and is now one of the most famous local cafés. They give the same attention to detail when it comes to their drinks just as much as any craft coffee shops.

Their baked goods are to die for, especially their tres leches muffins and chocolate croissants.

Example of user-generated content

image via Tierra Mia Instagram

What sets them apart from their competition is their focus on community. And you can see and feel that on their social media. Focusing on user-generated content, Tierra Mia reshares their customers’ posts. This strategy creates a united vibe that builds up brand awareness, loyalty, and reputation.

Dinosaur Coffee

Silver Lake

Dinosaur is another destination spot in LA. They provide a cozy space for its amazing baristas to work on their craft. But it’s also a perfect spot to flip your laptop open and start working.

But that’s pre-COVID era. Now, they provide their black liquid gold through a walk-up window and contactless payments.

Their coconut cacao cold brew is a must-try for all cold brew lovers.

Example of Instagram wall

image via Dinosaur Coffee UGC

People come here not only to drink excellent brew but also to snap some shots in front of their art piece hanging on the wall.

How are you celebrating International Coffee Day?

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