4 Reasons Why Brands Need Graphic Design

4 Reasons Why Brands Need Graphic Design

Social | Jun 30, 2019

We’re communicative creatures. We connect through the written word, illustration, or a combination of both. For the most part, we have the need to interact with other hoomans. Whether we do it face-to-face or digital, our instincts tell us to reach out, to find common ground with other people. We’re humans. It’s what we do.

In the world of business and marketing, engaging consumers is as instinctual as breathing. Brands instinctively develop marketing strategies because it's how businesses survive. That’s when graphic design kicks in. When reaching out to consumers, graphic design plays a strategic role in content marketing. Yes, graphic design is more than just making pretty images. It plays an important role in marketing, traditional or digital, as it raises brand awareness and impacts consumers’ decision-making process.

Graphic design adds a visual piece to creating strategic content to point consumers directly to a brand’s message. We see this almost wherever we look. From billboard ads, brands we follow on social media, to books and magazines (online ones included), graphic design’s presence is felt everywhere.

Here are some important reasons brands use graphic design in their lives

Establish your company

Carve your brand into your consumers’ minds. Maybe upping your marketing budget is not part of your annual strategy yet, because, let’s face it, it’s not cheap. But a one-of-a-kind logo or website can spark consumer interest. Creative designs let brands establish their name in the industry without blowing up the marketing budget.

Convey your brand message

It sounds cliché but, a picture is really worth a thousand words. You can send a message without using a single word. The images and colors used on a brand’s logo evoke feelings and energy. There’s a reason many fast food restaurants use red and yellow as its core colors. Red increases the appetite, while yellow boosts energy. With these colors combined, consumers feel the need to satisfy their hunger.

Readability of content

A touch of good graphic design can elevate a content’s readability. Designers help select colors, images, and fonts to help catch the attention of consumers. When it comes to conveying a data-driven article, graphic designers can help improve the content by creating an infographic. Since 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, it will be easier to process and understand complex data and analyses.

Enhance sales

The quality of a design sends a message to consumers. A well-thought-of logo or design delivers a message that a brand provides top-quality products or services. This helps a brand reach out to its audience, which can help boost sales. With good graphic design, a brand can establish its own narrative to create a trustworthy brand image.

Have you thought about your brand’s design style? Do you need creative assistance to unlocking your brand message? Want help redesigning or rebranding your company?

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