5 Benefits to Investing in Dental Ads For Clinic Owners

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5 Benefits to Investing in Dental Ads For Clinic Owners

Sales | Apr 01, 2022

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Have you thought of using digital marketing and paid ads to bring new customers into your practice without a large amount of additional work on your part? Paid ads offer many advantages for dental clinics!

Types of Dental Ads

There are three main types of online ads: search engine ads, in-content (website/banner) ads, and social media ads.


Google Ads are a great place to start so your business will show up at the top of the SERPs when a potential customer searches for a specific term, but you can also take advantage of banner ads and social media ads. These ads work by serving an ad on a social media site like Facebook or any website to a person because they had previously shown interest in the topic, such as data showing that they searched Google for dental cleanings in their area.

There are benefits to each type of ad, and you may find one works better for your business than the other, or a combination of the two provides a higher ROI.


Offering A Solution

In most cases when a potential customer is searching for a clinic for a dental procedure, they need this service and need someone to provide it, and possibly ASAP. No one casually shops around for a root canal or is on the fence about a routine teeth cleaning. They’ve already made the decision to move forward, so if you can serve them an ad about the service they need and provide it in a reasonable amount of time with good customer service, they’re likely to choose you!


Target Highly Specific Keywords

Your customers may be looking for a search term as broad as “nearby dentist offices” or as specific as “teeth whitening in my area”. Still, both of these terms are very specific, especially if you don’t have a lot of competition in your area. If you target multiple terms for the services your clinic offers, your ads will be served.

You can use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or Keysearch to find popular search terms in your area.


Control Your Ranking

When you pay for an ad on Google and use the right keywords, you have some control where your ad shows on the SERPs, whereas relying on organic traffic takes a lot of time and effort, and is no guarantee of ranking on the front page of Google. While a combination of both tactics targets different consumers, ads may be the better choice for busy professionals if you can only choose one.

High ROI

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads are just what they sound like—you only pay when a potential customer clicks your ad. If they’ve already taken the step to click through your ad, it’s more likely they will convert too!

This means PPC ads have a high ROI, especially for high cost dental services.


Build Repeat Customers

Serving dental ads to customers in your area is hyperlocal marketing. If your new customer receives what they are looking for and has a good experience at your clinic, they are more likely to stick around and refer their friends! It’s inconvenient to switch dentist offices, so you’ll have a long term customer who needs routine care and occasional dental work.


No time to invest in marketing?

Running a business is hard work, especially one as physically demanding as dentistry, and learning PPC ads and marketing is a time consuming endeavor. Our marketing experts are on standby to build an advertising plan that works for your business. Reach out today!

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