5 Video Marketing Tactics That Work

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5 Video Marketing Tactics That Work

Brand | Apr 05, 2022

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Video marketing is here to stay. At least as long as the internet exists, we suspect! More brands than ever are hopping on the video train and using videos to strategically market their business. Luckily, though there can be a learning curve, it’s a skill that isn’t too difficult to master, and with a few good tactics in play, you can make video marketing work for your business, too!

What is Video Marketing?

As the name suggests, video marketing refers to the use of video content for the promotion and marketing of your brand and the various products and services you offer.

The purpose of video marketing is to increase audience engagement and provide them with a visually engaging medium to interact with. Video marketing can be an excellent way of showing off the various features and unique aspects of your product or service, as well encapsulate your overall brand image, in detail.

Video marketing has gained popularity in recent years due to the surge of video sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and most prominently and recently, TikTok.

Although video marketing might have began as a singular marketing tactic, it has since grown to become a beast of a business marketing strategy, with the success chops to show for it.

Develop Your Video Marketing Strategy

Like the old saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and it’s the same with creating videos. Below are some of our favorite video marketing tips to help get you started.


Tell a Story

In the age of social media, the quality of your video may well be one of the most important factors in determining its success.

Even if the video is a small part of the marketing strategy for your business, keep in mind that quality-wise, it’s competing with all the other entertainment content on various social media sites.

For this reason alone, it’s imperative to make sure your video content tells a story, with a defined purpose; otherwise few will watch it.


Hook ‘Em Good

Now, while the whole story needs to be intriguing, it’s the first few seconds that will determine whether anyone sticks around to watch the rest of it. Therefore, you need use those first few seconds well.

Create a hook and deliver it in the first few seconds of your video marketing content, and your audience will be lured in and stick around to watch the rest. For the same reason, be sure you select a catchy and interesting thumbnail for your video, too.


Don’t Depend on the Sound

According to a review of viewing habits on Facebook, more than 80% of videos are being watched without sound. So, if your video marketing content depends largely on the audio to deliver its story, there is a high chance it will not perform as well as you’d hoped.

You need to be able to showcase the story without depending on the sound, at least for the first few seconds. Also, if it’s an option, always add closed captions. That way, even if there’s no sound, people can read what is being said.


Always Remember to Add CTAs

CTA stands for call to action. In the context of brand marketing, it refers to anything that will take your audience to the next step of your marketing strategy.

For example, a CTA can be a prompt to like or follow your page, share or comment on the video, point to a follow or subscription option, or even just link to other relevant content on your page.

Commonly, CTAs are placed either at the very start of the video, in the middle, or at the end of the video. You’ll have to decide which is right for your audience.


Optimize Your Titles

The search algorithms on most social media sites work by looking for a keyword match in either the title or description of the video.

Therefore, to make sure your video comes up in the search easily, without having to scroll down too much, you need to create optimized titles for them. That means always include relevant keywords in the title and in the description, without keyword stuffing.


Is Video Marketing Right for You?

You be the judge, but there’s definitely a good argument for it if you can master the skill, or hire someone with the skills to help you do it well. Given how popular video marketing has become, there’s not much downside other than the investment of your time, so why not try it?

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