6 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Fitness Brand's Online Presence

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6 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Fitness Brand's Online Presence

Trends | Aug 25, 2020

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More and more people are working from home and finding ways to stay fit without compromising their health and safety.

Now is the best time to talk about how digital marketing can help the fitness industry reach out to people who want to exercise while practicing social distancing.

Before the pandemic started, we see spikes when it comes to individuals signing up for gym memberships or fitness classes.

Female working out using exercise ball

About 12% of people who go to gyms sign up in January, based on a study by the Fitness Industry Association. Something about the new year sparks people to try new things like going to a gym.

But with COVID-19 affecting many small and big gyms like 24-Hour Fitness, how can the industry survive the onslaught the pandemic and rising unemployment.

Why the fitness industry needs digital marketing  

We all have online advertising on our minds regarding growing our brands and expanding our business’ reach. These days it’s the best path to stay relevant.

It’s essential to understand how your digital marketing strategy is a crucial step to creating a measurable approach to optimize your brand and stay ahead of the game.

Provide special offers

It’s a bit too obvious and may seem like a giant cliché, but attracting potential consumers with irresistible offers still works and is an effective strategy.

A simple free trial can do the trick. Some facilities offer a 3-day free trial, others provide somewhere between 5-7 days. You can also think bigger like ClassPass. They entice users with month-long free access.

ClassPass workout plans

image via ClassPass

But whatever promo you decide on, make sure it’s compelling enough to reel in prospects to try out your facility, programs, classes, or products.

Share some testimonials

Whether it’s on your website or on social media, sharing success stories is a fabulous way to encourage prospective members to try your business.

Many customers put in a lot of time and effort researching and reading reviews of facilities and its programs. Invest in soliciting good, honest reviews from satisfied members and integrate this into your advertising plan.

Man lifting weights

Take advantage video content

Many fitness entrepreneurs and companies have taken notice of the power of video content. Using Instagram stories and going live to provide workout sessions is a great way to engage your followers, especially when we’re all socially distancing.

And with more than 500 million users worldwide, you have a great opportunity of growing your audience on Instagram.

Woman on yoga mat doing pull-ups

YouTube is another fantastic platform to upload workouts and classes. Not only can people search your sessions on the platform whenever they need to sweat it out. An added bonus is that your videos appear on top of search engine results when you optimize your title and description. 

Run social media ads

Many types of brands have done this, and the fitness industry is no exception. Running ads on Facebook and Instagram works wonders for your fitness marketing.

The great thing about these ads is that you trim down your demographic to ensure you’re hitting the right folks at the perfect moment. It can be a specific location or people searching for an exact kind of training. This allows you to tailor your content to your target audience.

Partner with social media influencers    

It’s an undeniable fact that you collaborate with content creators. 92% of consumers trust peers over traditional advertising. Consumers look at influencers as peers and value their recommendations.

Fit runner tying shoes

Need help developing video content for your fitness classes? Maybe you’re looking into influencer marketing but don’t where to begin? Clicking this button is the best place to start your journey into improving your digital marketing. Drop us a message, and let’s talk about juicing up your online presence.

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