6 Marketing Tips for a Successful Labor Day Sale

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6 Marketing Tips for a Successful Labor Day Sale

Sales | Aug 27, 2020

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Weird times call for measurable solutions. The global pandemic we’re all living through right now is shifting business plans and perspectives.

Many companies that rely on daily interactions with consumers have folded or raised the white flag.

But some are thriving amidst the panic and chaos of owning a business.

How are some companies flourishing in a time like this? They invested time and energy to adapt their marketing strategy to fit the new normal.

Thinking of ways to increase your sales this upcoming Labor Day weekend? Here are some digital advertising tips you can implement into your current marketing strategy.

Take advantage of social media

We’re all social distancing. One of the main avenues to connect with consumers is through social media.

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So, juice up and fortify your social presence. Interact with your followers as if you are at the storefront. Create dialogue and conversation with your consumers in these networks.

It’s a great way to keep them updated with new store hours or policies. You can also use Instagram or Facebook to raise your brand awareness and promote upcoming sales or contests.

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Transitional sale

Labor Day weekend is a transitional holiday between summer and fall. Got extra summer goodies? Treat shoppers with delightfully irresistible sales. You clear your shelves by providing jaw-dropping deals and having space for fall merchandise.

Run giveaways or contests

Attract more followers and potential customers by running social media contests. An exciting Labor Day giveaway adds a friendly holiday spirit.

It can be a gift certificate or gift card for your store or a local restaurant or shop.

Read our blog on social media contests to learn how you can plan one for your business.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

With more and more people staying safe at home, we’ve seen an increase in Internet use. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, you have a captive audience at your disposal.

Take advantage of Pay-Per-Click advertising. Many companies are pulling out their ads, making buying PPC ads cheaper.

The excellent news for essential businesses is that you get to directly connect with users looking for your products or services.

Learn more about PPC ads here

Be ready and flexible for government mandates

Nothing is guaranteed with COVID-19. We hear new updates almost every single day, making guidelines a little fickle.

cellphone with information about US

You don’t want that as a business owner, because that means you need to continually update your policies.

Always be ready and flexible when your local or state government has a new mandate. Whether you’re a small book shop or a restaurant, focus on ensuring your staff and shoppers health and safety. 

Right messaging

Stay relevant this Labor Day weekend by sending the right message at the right time. A great strategy is to send out a pre-holiday message via email. Make it enticing and memorable. It can be a once in a lifetime sale or a heartfelt message.

Have you planned out your holiday sale? Let us help you come up with a strategy that’s not only measurable but also effective. Send us a message and let’s plan an advertising campaign for you.

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