Should You Trust Your Content Creation to Influencers?

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Should You Trust Your Content Creation to Influencers?

Trends | Aug 20, 2020

To trust an influencer with content creation for your brand can be a nerve-wracking experience.

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Do you give social media influencers the freedom to create or intervene, manage, and control what they produce?

As an experienced digital marketing agency, having faith and confidence in your chosen collaborator is a must. Why? Because you, as a company, should have checked and double-checked the credentials of your target content creator.

You should have a vetting process in place before handshaking with any famous celebrities.

Learn how to find the right content creator for your business here.

Here’s a list of the risks and benefits of having a creator devise your brand’s content.

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No venture is free of any risk. There’s a saying, “no risk, no reward,” which applies to influencer marketing. But these warning signs can be handled with some proper risk management.

Legal concerns

11% of influencers followed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published Endorsement Guidelines.

Failure to abide by the four essential points below can lead to both brands and associates to be fined by the FTC.

  • Prominence: Are they visibly showing their disclosure?
  • Presentation: Is it written straightforwardly?
  • Placement: Are they easily seen by consumers?
  • Proximity: Are disclosures located around the promoted product?

Fake accounts

Be cautious! Watch out for fraudulent accounts. 20% of mid-level influencers have been deemed fraudulent, according to Points North Group. Some of these so-called creators buy followers to fluff their numbers.

Before partnering with any accounts on any given social networks, give yourself some time to scroll through your potential brand ambassadors’ followers. Some creators who buy followers are seen as inauthentic and more likely to produce low-quality content.


If and when you’ve overcome potential collaboration hazards, you’ll see that these benefits outweigh your fears.

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More authentic

Your ambassadors aren’t salesy, making them a better option for promoting your company.

Giving them the freedom to generate their own work allows them to create in a manner that represents them and your company while being relatable to their followers.

Potential customers will see your product seamlessly, and they don’t feel like they are bombarded by ads they don’t want to see.

Improved awareness

Brand awareness is at the top of your priority list. With the liberty to craft content in their own unique way, creators can establish and elevate your name, allowing customers to trust you.

Increased value

Influencers are seen as experts in their respective fields. When their followers see your brand and feel that the content is authentic, chances are they are more likely to purchase your product and share them with their own followers.

Let’s say you work with a beauty influencer who shares your vegan-friendly products’ benefits. Their followers will have a better understanding of how your product is right for them.

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Better lead generator

A genuine series of posts from your brand ambassador drives up leads and conversion rates. There is a significant increase because consumers trust the content that comes from someone they know and follow.

Looking to invest in influencer marketing and improving your ROI and conversion rates? Hit us up with a message.

We’ll plan a strategy to recruit an influencer that matches your business’ culture and values.

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