Let's Get Personal! Tips for Email Personalization Techniques

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Let's Get Personal! Tips for Email Personalization Techniques

Sales | Apr 17, 2020

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We've been searching for the most personalized greeting card we can find, since the dawn of Hallmark.

But sometimes mass-produced messages just aren't enough to express what we want to say. So, we create a personalized card from scratch.

This idea is also relevant to email marketing strategies. Many consumers get turned off reading email blasts because they receive irrelevant emails from their favorite brands. Consumers need to feel and connect to something relevant to them.

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This is where email personalization kicks in. There's a pool of data out there for businesses, and you should take advantage of this. If you're a small business, tap into this strategy to start building a genuine connection between you and your subscribers. 

But not many businesses are taking advantage of email personalization. Only 5% of companies use email personalization extensively, report says.

We know the importance of personalization, but the problem is around 60% of marketers struggle to create personalized content.

But you don't have to struggle!

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Here are five simple ways to adopt personalization to kickstart your email marketing strategy.

Personalize your business

Start by personalizing your brand. Create a human connection between you and your consumers.

Instead of a general company signature, personalize the email by signing it with a team member's name and their role in the company. Readers react positively to emails sent by a real person. Try it out! You might just see your CTRs go off the charts.

Hot tip: Maintain a casual tone and use pronouns like “we” and “I.”

It's all about asking the right questions

Yes, it's as simple as asking the right questions! Questions like why they visited your website, what inspired them to be a regular user, or why they decided to subscribe to your newsletters. Their answers are vital in developing more personalized email campaigns.

One great example is Paper Style, a wedding specialist website. To improve their email marketing, they started implementing personalization in their campaigns. Paper Style devised a plan that would personalize their emails. Their campaign started with the question, "What are you planning for?" For which there are two answers, your wedding or a relative or friend's wedding.

They segmented their consumers and sent out emails specifically targeting each group, which boosted their open rate by 244% and their CTR improved by 161%. All these improvements because of asking the right question.

Develop a buyer persona

Buyer personas are created by analyzing various data. Start by classifying buyers by their qualities, actions, and shopping behaviors. Use the data to personalize emails you'll be sending to each persona.

Learn to build your brand's own buyer persona.

Get friendly automated behavioral trigger emails

Have you ever received an email from your favorite online store saying they miss you? That's what we call a behavior-triggered email. Simply defined, these are real-time responses to how your shoppers engage with your website and products. Use trigger emails for up-selling, cross-selling, and re-engagement.

Fun fact: Behavior-triggered emails have a 152% higher open rate than basic emails. 

Use time and location wisely

Timing is everything when it comes to sending emails. Some consumers enjoying reading emails in the morning, while others prefer to go through their inbox after work.

But what if you're like Amazon, and you have online shoppers coming from different time zones or other countries? Your 8:00 AM email designed for Los Angeles may be considered a non-optimal time for New Yorkers since New York is 3 hours ahead of California.

What should you do? Segment your email recipients based on their time zones. Create content that's relevant to your consumers' location.

Don’t be scared to get a little personal! These tips are tried and tested by many marketing agencies and some of your favorite brands. 

Ready to improve on your email personalization, but need support? We got you! Send us a quick message, and let’s whip up a plan that works for you.

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