6 Simple Tips to Respond to Your Negative Reviews

6 Simple Tips to Respond to Your Negative Reviews

Sales | Jun 08, 2020

In today’s digital world, there is so much online activity for businesses. Just like in-store activities, nothing is perfect, and sometimes a few things can go wrong.

In both situations, consumers have the right to vent out their frustrations. With in-store activity, it’s easy to interact and handle situations with consumers. But it’s slightly different when consumers leave an online review, especially when it’s negative.

Reading and seeing positive reviews are natural. You can either leave it be or thank the consumer. But negative reviews and consumer retaliation have a different kind of bite when potential consumers read them because they might find business elsewhere.

Yes, there is a difference between negative reviews and consumer retaliation. A negative review is a buyer’s honest criticism of a product or service. Consumer retaliation is an ineffective, spontaneous response triggered by dissatisfaction. Many people leave retaliatory feedbacks on review channels.

Consumer retaliation can be easily dismissed because of its frustrated and sometimes incoherent thoughts, and buyers and potential customers know and avoid reading such feedback.

Negative reviews, on the other hand, is a situation where sellers can always turn a frown upside down. Negative feedbacks are an opportunity for you to learn and show your brand’s values by providing quality customer service and showing you can right a wrong.

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Whether it’s on Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram, or Amazon, here’s a quick guide on how brands can address negative reviews.

Respond quickly

Reply when the review is fresh. Ideally speaking, reply within 24-48 hours. Treat customer reviews are urgent and essential. Your quick response shows you care about your consumers and not just their money. Make sure you show them you take a proactive role in your business.

Be your true self

When responding to reviews, consumers want to know that an actual person is handling the customer service, not some bot with pre-programmed responses. Reply with full authenticity. Reply as you would reply to a friend. Avoid talking in business jargon.

Keep the conversation real and honest.

Right the wrong

Provide options for correcting the error, the problem, or the mistake. If a consumer isn’t happy with the quality of a product, offer a replacement or a refund. Don’t sleep on this. The swifter you act, the more you present your brand as a conscious brand willing to take the extra step for a consumer.

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Think ahead

Everyone can see your reviews, both positive and negative. Potential consumers will read many of your reviews, and they will know how you respond to the negative reviews. Find ways to address the issues that put your brand with its best foot forward.

Stay polite

Arrogance will get your brand nowhere. Keep your replies humble and polite. It’s a hard pill to take, but sometimes taking the high road when consumer’s review is inappropriate is the only way to go.

Show concern and compassion

Be sympathetic when replying to a negative review. Showing empathy goes a long way when it comes to building a strong customer relationship. Provide discounts or specials for future purchases.

Negative Review Prevention Tips

While more than 40% of Amazon shoppers say the price is the determining factor in their buying decision, quality content – product description and images – are slowly becoming a significant factor. Better image quality and more descriptive copy improve a brand’s identity and reliability.

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