8 Tips to Craft Better Content to Attract More Readers

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8 Tips to Craft Better Content to Attract More Readers

SEO | Jun 09, 2020

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We all love viral content. We want to engage our consumers on Instagram and other social platforms. Some would say to beautify content with phrases. Others would say to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. Others emphasize on making great content that's easy to read.

Our goal is to focus on writing concise and straightforward content that attracts and engages our readers. We find ways to create cool content that’s easy to read and is optimized for search engines.

Influencer creating content

Here are simple ways to building a killer content strategy your readers will love.

The Power of Storytelling

There's a reason we like to read a good book or watch a good movie for this simple reason: we love a good story. Stories help us see a bigger picture. Like a friend we haven’t seen in a while, we end up sharing stories after stories.

In terms of content marketing, storytelling calls for sharing a link or two that further paints your story. It’s a break from the typical marketing strategy of sell, sell, sell.

To connect with your readers, here are some ways to approach creating your content.

  • Show your readers who you are. Invite them to read your content.
  • Build intrigue and create anticipation.
  • Use facts that your readers can understand.
  • Motivate your readers to respond with different calls to action.

Use relevant images

You don’t have to use original photos all the time, but using stock photos way too often can hurt your brand’s credibility. The trick is to understand when to use stock or original images. There are instances where stock photos are the most relevant image that relates to your content.

Use Infographics

When presenting data-driven content, it is beneficial to your brand to incorporate infographics. Reading facts and figures, many readers often skip data-heavy sections of an article.

Infographics are a fantastic way to share critical data and analyses to your readers. It’s beautiful to look at. It’s visual, organized, and simpler to understand. The data you present in an infographic can easily be digested and understood.

Some BTS images for authenticity

Maybe this relates more to social media content, but it’s essential to show your readers or followers some behind the scenes pictures to create a sense of authenticity. This shows them that you’re not just a brand that’s after their money or a brand that is mainly run by bots or some smart machine.

Take time to show, not tell, your followers that you’re a real brand, but don’t annoy them with oversharing your selfies or groufies. A staff meeting at a coffee shop is an excellent example of a BTS image to boost your credibility.

image 1

Edit, edit, edit your text

Even though a picture paints a thousand words, proofreading your content is still very, very important. We don’t know how else to stress this vital fact. Here are a few text editing guidelines to put some muscle on your content.

  • Avoid fluff words. Keep your sentences short and sweet.
  • Use active words and steer clear from weak verbs and adjectives. For instance, instead of "make it clearer," use “clarify.” The former sounds passive compared to the latter’s more active tone.
  • Punctuations matter. A missing or misplaced comma or a misused semicolon sometimes defeats your content’s purpose or weaken its quality.

Keep your audience in mind

When crafting content that reflects your demographic, always keep your audience in mind during the writing process. This way, you write excellent material that’s not only catchy but also something your audience can relate to.  

The next time you start your next article or web or social content, know your audience. This marketing or buyer persona blog can help you identify your demographic.

SEO keywords

Whether you’re writing a blog or other forms of web content, your keywords must be relevant to your topic and should be integrated seamlessly. Google SEO bots can track awkward keywords or when you’re fluffing your content with keywords.

Research is key

Before you start writing your heart out, a key component to writing articles is factual research. Researching facts and data is the structure that builds your story—credit all your sources. Make sure you don’t commit plagiarism because you’ll lose trust and credibility.

marketing group conducting research

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty depends on the brand’s culture and its audience. But good writing is good writing. What we’ve given you today is the structure of how you can create rich content that is also engaging and reaches out to your consumers. It’s up to you and your team to tailor your content based on your brand’s needs.

Need help attracting more readers to your website or social platforms? Send us a message. We can help.

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