6 Simple Ways to Thank Your Office Administrators
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6 Simple Ways to Thank Your Office Administrators

Culture | Jul 29, 2020

Office administrators are the thread that keeps companies running day in and day out.

They handle all the nitty-gritty stuff so we can all have a fun, creative, and steady day at work. Admins make sure that the snack room is always filled with delicious goodies and refreshments that keep us energized. They’re also part of the group that screens the resumes of job applicants to find the perfect addition to your team.

Remember when you thought everyone forgot your birthday? Your coworkers probably did, but you know who reminded them and planned a surprise birthday cake? You got that! It’s your office manager.

It was more natural to show some gratitude to your office admin before COVID-19 forced many companies to adopt a work from home format. But this shouldn’t distract us from displaying how thankful we are for their tireless work.

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So, here are some simple yet thoughtful ways to show office managers appreciation.

Say thank you

You don’t have to see them in person to thank your office manager. Send them an email, a text message, or mail a handwritten note on a beautiful piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be a long letter. A simple thank you message will do.

For something more fun or visually interactive, you can send them GIFs saying hello or showing gratefulness.

Chat with them

Send admins a message once in a while. Whether it’s on Slack, Skype, or other platforms your company uses. Talk with them as you would when you see each other at the office. Working from home shouldn’t change the way you interact with them. So, pause whatever you’re working on from time to time, and say hi.

Buy them lunch

We’ll never know when we can really enjoy a nice lunch at a restaurant again, but don’t let this pandemic stop you from buying your office admin some lunch. Email them an e-gift card to Grubhub, Postmates, or other food delivery platform.

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Send care packages

Put together a small package that could include some essentials like a book, chocolates, and other non-perishable goods. Not sure what to get them? Send them a gift card or several gift cards to different places like Barnes and Noble, Target, or Bath & Body Works.

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Recognize them

Got a Zoom call with the entire team? Acknowledge your admin person’s hard work and dedication. Recognizing their work makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Send them some wine

Help your admin assistant unwind after a day’s work with a glass of wine. Order a bottle or two of their favorite wine.

How are you showing you appreciate your office administrator? Comment below.

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