7 Simple Twitter Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Content

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7 Simple Twitter Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Content

Trends | Aug 31, 2020

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So, you recently started a Twitter account for your small business.

You’re riding high on the promise of increased brand awareness, better consumer engagement, and more website traffic and sales.

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But after several days, weeks, and months, your engagement is still low, and sales are on a plateau. You scratch your head and wonder why your 280-character Tweet is not producing the right ROI.

Before you give up on the world’s leading micro-blogging, social media site, think of its more than 300 million users. That’s a lot of retweets and engagement, but only if done right.

Here are several ways to promote your content on Twitter.

Show some personality

Make a great first impression by introducing your brand the only way you can on Twitter. Don’t leave blank spaces on your bio. Introduce yourself properly.

USA Link System Twitter page

Image via USA Link System Twitter

  • Your handle, or your account name. This is how people can find and tag you. Keep it the same or similar to your other social media accounts.
  • Your bio, location, and website. Tell your audience something about you, where they can see you, and how they can know more about your business.
  • Profile photo and header image. Your profile photo can be your logo. They appear beside your tweets. On the other hand, the header image can be a photograph of your latest campaign or glimpse at your company culture.

Follow experts in your industry

Research the specialists, professionals, or influencers in your field. You not only will learn the latest tips and trends in your profession, but there’s also a chance they see your profile, follow you, and retweet some of your posts.

But don’t go trigger happy following the experts, you might get flagged for spam-like activities. Be cautious. Be mindful.

Twitter app restarting on phone on top of box with handle with care message

Start a poll

Twitter isn’t as diverse as Facebook or Instagram when it comes to engagement. You can join conversations on topics that are relevant to your brand. The extent of interaction you get here is a mention or a reply.

But running a poll is a simple way to engage your audience. It’s short and provides up to 4 answers. Got a few ideas for a recipe but can only make one and can’t decide which to choose? Create a poll and ask your followers.

Connect with influencers

One of the best-known secrets that increase content engagement is to collaborate with content creators. An influencer can boost your reach and brand awareness by retweeting your post or mentioning your handle.

To maximize this partnership, make sure you research the right person for the job. Their values should align with yours, and their followers must be the demographic you’re trying to reach.

Read our blog to learn how to find the perfect influencer for you.

Post at the right time

Timing is everything when it comes to posting on social media. It’s advised to post on Wednesday and Friday at 9AM. This data is based on general Twitter use and may vary depending on your demographic.

Master the hashtag game

While there’s no exact limit on how many hashtags you can use, 2 hashtags per tweet is the recommended practice.

Neon lights that says #tweet tweet

Finding the right hashtag that’s relevant to your industry, niche, or holiday is essential.

Create a content calendar

Scheduling your tweets around your campaigns, marketing plans, holidays, and yes, social media holidays helps keep your content organized and consistent.

But show some flexibility for anything that’s trending.

It’s recommended to sporadically tweet between 3-5 times per day. Content can vary from a regular post, a retweet, or real-time interactions.

Ready to conquer the Twitter-verse? Not feeling confident? We can help. Hit us up! We provide social media consultation to small businesses that are unsure of social networks.

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