7 Tips for Managing Your Website

7 Tips for Managing Your Website

SEO | Aug 28, 2018

In today’s digital world, a website is a business’ most important tool as it’s your brand’s initial interaction with users. You are creating a first impression, and you want that to be good - or better yet, you want to leave an indelible impression on users.

We’ve all seen websites that we instantly fell in love with or detested. So, as business owners, you already have an idea of what you want to see on your website.

Here are 7 useful tips to help improve your website.

Use a short URL

One thing that bothers many online users, especially potential consumers, are URLs that look like a long sentence. Owning a short URL makes it easier for consumers to remember your website.  

Keep your users focused

No one likes being interrupted. This also applies to our virtual experience. When thinking of updating your website, make sure your users will not be bombarded with pop-ups or be asked to use an ad-blocker.

Login-free websites…As much as possible

Having logins and usernames help prevent spamming and scammers alike, we understand that. Although, we admit that having to login to a website to comment on or like a comment can be a little tedious. Also, make sure that users don’t get redirected to the homepage after logging in when all they want is to write a short comment, that can be a major nuisance.

Create intuitive websites

One important aspect of keeping a business open and growing is having an intuitive website. A site that has a lousy design and layout can lose business, and you want your site to make sense from buttons to contact information.

Be mobile accessible

Mobile devices are running the world we live in, it’s a modern fact. Users browse on their phones so it’s imperative to make sure your website is mobile-ready.

Always stay up-to-date

We always want to stay updated. As a business, always remember to keep your website and content current. You want them to see that the content is updated on a regular basis. Always make sure that links go to their intended destinations.

Make contact us link accessible

Consumers always would like to be able to contact your business right away. Here’s a pro tip: add a Contact Us link on your homepage with all your important company information. Making your contact info easily available shows you care about your users.

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