Is the Desktop Dead?

Is the Desktop Dead?

Social | Sep 03, 2018

In most offices and workspaces, desktops have been our best friend. Desktops have helped design powerpoint presentations, pie charts, and in-depth research on things to do for the next company retreat. But times’ are changing and technology is floating on the same boat. Is the desktop dead?

With all the technological advancements, it seems that the desktop is dying as companies slowly transition to other forms of computers. Many people are opting for newer, faster devices such as tablets and smartphones as methods of communicating at work and completing their tasks. Rather than an abrupt disappearance, it has been said that desktops will slowly tic-toc its way to oblivion.

Here are key components to understanding this re-emerging debate about the death of the desktop.

  • Demographics – From writing reports to paying bills, the older generation has mostly depended on desktops. But the younger generation entering the workforce are more accustomed to using their mobile devices or tablets. Millennials have more access when it comes to tech and gadgets, and desktops are not their first choice. Like floppy disks, desktops could be somewhat extinct and a figure of speech.
  • Decentralization – Speaking of floppy disks and its cousins, the cloud has a decentralizing factor when it comes to work. Data and documents can be stored elsewhere. This helps companies save money because they no longer need to upgrade their computers.
  • New wave of interface – We started with the real tablet (a la The Ten Commandments). Then typewriters and desktops. Now we have our mobile devices and a new kind of tablet. We’ve all had our issues with older means of typing words onto paper or screens. It’s even a nuisance to type on smartphones and tablet when our fingers are coated with the orange-goodness that are Cheetos. When it comes to new interfaces, augmented reality or voice and neural commands may sound like science fiction, but is basically in the near future, e.g. Siri, Alexa, and Echo.

However we are taking this debate about the death of desktops, companies should prepare their transition from desktop to better devices that will help work efficiency and effectivity.


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